Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm running..

I want to run and I will run everyday.

I’m pushing myself to do it because I had set my own rules, and that is that everyday I will run faster, and I will try harder. I already acquired a sense of determination that I would never, never give up. At first, I felt my throat start to close up and I know I was not getting enough oxygen. Scary. I asked myself if this is what I really want and almost thought about quitting. But how can I quit now that I am improving? I’ve been running for sometime now and I know that my phase has changed and it feels good. Since I set my goals for this, I need to do one thing. I have to make my mind run my body and never let my body tell my mind what to do. I know that I’m too old for this and my body will always give up. But I remember when I was young, my mind can make my body dance and party all night and never got tired. From this I came to conclusion that my body is never tired if my mind is not tired. I just got to make my mind take over and keep going.

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