Monday, January 12, 2009

$130 Cash + 2,000 Entrecard Credits Contest! is giving away a total of $130 PAYPAL cash plus 2,000 in Entrecard credits to twenty-eight (28) lucky Entrecard users!!

How to join:

Answer the question:

Who is your Favorite Entrecard blogger OR what is your favorite Entrecard blog site and why?


The grand winner will get $40.00

the second, $30.00

3 more with $10.00 each

Then post a comment that you have done so and you’re automatically entered.

If you will not join the contest, you can still win by promoting the contest itself.

The first 20 entries gets 100 Entrecard credits!

Include the short list of Sponsors to increase your chances at winning:

Viral Emails

The Lie Politic

My Reality Television

Sinigang For the Soul

Blogs That Follow

For more details, click here

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