Saturday, November 27, 2010

Candy and Birthday Giveaway

Mandi of Enchanted Occasions is celebrating her birthday with a little candy on offer!

Making Memories glitters [12]
A pack of photo paper [great to brayer]
2 pacs LLB lush papers
Few Forever Friends stamps
Couple ink pads
Mulberry roses

Candy and Birthday Giveaway ends November 30, 2010. To join, please click here and give all your birthday wishes to Mandi. 

Crafting Supplies Giveaway

Angelwood's Crafting Corner is having a giveaway that will let you win bunch of crafting supplies!

Magnolia stamp - Tilda With BirdcageMagnolia stamp - Dangling TildaMagnolia stamp - Wedding Singer TildaInky Impression stamp - Cowgirl LiliSweet Pea stamp - 1 stamp unmounted from Plate 21 Sugar Nellie stamp - BlossomBildmalarna stamp - Wedding couplePaper Makeup stamp - Swirlie treeK&Co Mat pad - Berry SweetK&Co cupcake embellishments
Cookie cutter button embellishments
Various colored stick on gems

Contest end November 30, 2010. To join, please click here. Goodluck everyone!

Lunch Bags Giveaway

This Crazy Life is having a giveaway that will let you win an Avocado Damask Lunch Bag and a Retro Dot Pouch from Urban Harmonie Design.

Contest ends November 28, 2010. To join, please click here. Goodluck everyone!

Noel Limited Edition Holiday Shell Giveaway

Dandy Giveaway is having a giveaway that will let you win a Noel Limited Edition Holiday Shell from Miche Stacy the Bag Lady Shop.

Contest ends November 28, 2010. To join, please click here. Goodluck everyone!

Panda Plushie Giveaway

Hawaii Kawaii is having a giveaway that will let you win your choice of Panda Plushie worth $20 from Clumsy Plush!

Panda Giveaway With Clumsyplush

Contest ends November 28, 2010. To join, please click here. Goodluck everyone!

Bluegala Giveaway

Let's Win is having a giveaway that will let you win either a dress or top of your choice from Bluegala!

Contest ends November 27, 2010. To join, please click here. Goodluck everyone!

Hot Air Love Sweatshirt Giveaway

Little Miss Heirlooms is having a giveaway that will let you win:

a Hot Air Love Sweatshirt from babylady!

Contest ends November 27, 2010. To join, please click here. Goodluck everyone!

Love This Stuff Giveaway

Momma Told Me is having a giveaway that will let you win any item of your choice worth up to $24 from Love This Stuff!
Large Strawberry Ice Cream Plush/Pillow

Contest ends November 27, 2010. To join, please click here. Goodluck everyone!

$50 GC Tiny Prints Christmas Card Giveaway

Gussy is having a giveaway that will let you win $50 GC Christmas Cards from Tiny Prints

Christmas Cards Crafted Nativity
Contest ends November 27, 2010. To join, please click here. Goodluck everyone!

Me And The Little Rascals Biggest Giveaway Ever!

Samantha of Me and the Little Rascals is having her biggest giveaway ever that will let you win some awesome goodies that include the following:

  • 22 double sided patterned papers
  • 4 packs of rub ons
  • 2 packs of glass stickers
  • a stamp
  • bling
  • flowers and sticker stackers.
You just need to follow her blog and the  Imaginisce blog, make a blog post about the giveaway with a link to the giveaway itself, and leave a comment. Not only that, she'll be giving mini prize packs every Friday so you have more chances of winning. Giveaway ends November 30, 2010. To join, please visit Me And The Little Rascals. Goodluck everyone!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Not Just A Blog First Giveaway

To celebrate her new domains, Ryheanne of It's Not Just A Blog, is having her first every giveaway that will let mommies and little prince/princess enjoy these fabulous items:

  • 1 big bottle of pantene shampoo (900 ml)
  • 4 pcs. of apricot soap
  • color box (pink)
  • pencil colors
  • pink eraser
  • some chocolates

My princess would surely love the pink color box and the pink erasers and I love those chocolates!

You just have to follow, blog, tweet, and comment or just go to I'ts Not Just A Blog for the complete details on how to join. Giveaway ends November 25, 2010. So hurry, and goodluck to us! :)

Win A Pair of Sanuk Shoes of Your Choice!

I’m always been a bag girl. I had 34 bags in my cabinet and I love them all and I knew them one by one. Some were given to me and some I bought from mall and garage sales. I thought I’d be a bag girl all my life. But when I saw Sanuk boutique at Glorietta, I said to myself, enough of the bags, I want those sandals! I checked the prize, and Whoaa, it costs half of my monthly allowance! Glad I came to visit Crazy House and found out about this giveaway. See, they’re giving away a pair of shoes of choice from Sanuk!  

Those of you who want to join too, these are the mechanics:

  1. Leave a comment on Crazy house with your email address so they can contact you in case you win
  2. Follow Crazy House
  3. Like Crazy House on FAcebook
  4. Like Sanuk on FAcebook
  5. Follow Sanuk on Twitter
  6. Grab Crazy House button
  7. Subscribe to Crazy House
  8. And blog or tweet about the giveaway

I really, really want Sanuk and I’ll be saving a part of my 13th month pay to buy one, but if lucky enough, I’d love to win this giveaway. So please be kind to me J

By the way, giveaway ends on November 25, 2010, so if anyone of you want to join, please click here and goodluck to us!

Thanks to Crazy House for having this giveaway

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday # 4


This was taken in one of the walls inside SM Batangas City. This area is on lease and to attract clients and to hide a vacant space, they put this nice wallpaper. I was with my friend Janice and we went from one vacant space to another to take pictures and the people were staring at us like we're insane and they just can't keep from smiling when looking at us. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Watery Wednesday #1

Taken a few weeks ago when were went out for family bonding at Punta Fuego. I told him not to go down because the rocks were slippery and the waves might got him but he was just so stubborn! Maybe that's the character my youngest daughter got from him. I was shouting at the top of the cliff and he just didn't care that he continued going down.  So I stopped shouting and just took pictures. Anyways, the picture came out nice. When he got back, I gave him a pinch and a kiss.

Visit Watery Wednesday for more posts. Have a nice week ahead.

12 Days of Chocolate!

blog button copy

Good news chocolate lovers! Just Another New Blog and Broken Teepee are hosting a special event that will satisfy all your cravings: 12 Days of Chocolate! Joining this event will enable you to meet people who loves chocolates and it's simple pleasures. If you are craving for a freshly dipped chocolate bar, or a chocolate chip cookie, or a chocolate angel food cake, or a chocolate brownie, or an M & M, or an Oreo, then you should watch out because starting November 26, they will be featuring all sorts of things about chocolates: reviews, giveaways, and lots of fun!. Some of the sponsors of this event are the following:

So for chocolate lovers out there who want to experience this special event, visit Just Another New Blog for the complete details. See you!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Making Tutu Skirts!

Lately, I’d been wanting to make a tutu for my 6-year old daughter. She had seen some tutus from the malls and she’s always begging me to make a pink tutu for her. I even imagined her dancing around in her fluffy tutu. Since I had a friend who makes tutus, I had learned the basics that I wanted even more to make many, many tutus. So yesterday was may day-off from work, I ran to a store that sells supplies and I was so surprised that there’s no way that I can make a lot of tutu’s. The materials were so expensive! Maybe that’s why they tutus sell at a high price at the malls. I only have 500 pesos to spare and these were all I’ve got:

            6 yards tulle @ 70 pesos per yard          -           PhP   420.00
            1 yard elastic band (1/2 inch wide)                              10.00
            Pre made flower sequins                                             50.00
            Satin ribbon                                                               15.00
                                    Total                                     PhP     495.00

You’ll also need a pair of scissors, a needle and pink thread (to sew in the flower sequins), and a lot of patience.

To start, measure your little girl’s waist the add about 5 inches to allow you to adjust when your all done.

Cut strips of tulle about 2 inches wide and 24 inches long so when you fold it in half it hangs about 12 inches. If that’s too long for you, you can do all the trimming in the end.

Then take a strip of tulle, gather in the middle, and slip a knot over the piece of elastic. Fold the ends under the elastic and pull through the open loop.

 Slide all of the knots together, making more room for more tulle.
Then, add more tulle.

Once in a while, measure it against your little girl to make sure that the fit is right. 

Then add some embellishments like Satin Ribbons, Rhinestones, Puff Balls, or miniature Flowers. I sew some flower sequins to my little girl’s tutu.

 And now see the tutu. I finished making it at around 2:00 am and hung it at my daughter’s window so when she wakes up in the morning she’ll be surprised to see the tutu waiting to be worn. I’m thinking of saving my 13th month pay so I can make a lot of tutus that I can give as gifts or maybe sell online. 

Shopping Expo at World Trade Center

I have a friend that sells baby girls stuff like tutu and pettiskirts online. I just met her through Facebook and she invited me to see her at her first ever booth at the World Trade Center in Manila. The trade show was titled Philippine Christmas Shopping Expo and it was held on November 13 and 14, 2010. I was so amazed how my pretty mom friend can make pretty stuff. It was also my first time to attend a trade show so I looked around from booth to booth. I noticed that most booths used these pop up displays varying in different shapes and sizes. My friend told me that these are popular nowadays with trade shows and events because Pop ups are easy to set up and transport.  Pop up trade show displays uses flexible graphic panel that is attached to a roller that when ready to display at pop up booths, these were just pulled up and hold the graphic in place using a support post at the back of the roller.

My friend’s pop up booth display used bold, colorful, and attractive images that it lured a lot of attendees to see her stuff. I helped her set-up her booth and I was surprised to see that these trade show pop up displays are so light that it can be carried and set-up without much effort.  It is foldable and durable that my friend said she will use it once she participated again in another trade show. I wasn’t able to buy from her stuff because I got no extra money with me but she told me she’ll teach me how to make them. How I wish I’d learn then maybe I can have my own pop up booths and be able to join trade shows and exhibits. Who know, office jobs bored me a lot so maybe I can give it a try.


The Fashion Fairy Blog is having a giveaway that will let you win, through, this amazing prize :


The Giveaway Mechanics:
1) Become fan of Fashion Bloggers on Facebook
and become fan of on Facebook
2) comment with your email here
3) blog about this contest then leave a link to the post.

Giveaway ends on November 30, 2010. To join, please click here. Goodluck everyone!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday # 3


This is my youngest and only son Mochi (with his yaya) and this was his first Trick or Treat. I had a hard time looking for his Halloween costume. Thanks to Ebay I found his monkey costume. But the nearest stores ran out of pumkin basket so I just got one of my daughter's beach pail, grabbed some black markers, made some scary eyes drawings and tada!, a makeshift halloween pumpkin basket for my Mochi. He liked it very much he can't keep from biting it :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pink Magaline Giveaway Contest

Pink Magaline is having a giveaway contest that will let you win:

Freebies up for grabs:
-black Forever 21 tank top
-white Gooey shorts
-Bobbie red nail polish
-Bobbie blue nail polish
-Bobbie green nail polish
-purple vanity kit
-Finess Oil Control Sheet
-Sofeel facial tissue (3 travel packs)
-Nivea Passion Fruit & Milk Proteins soap
-Nivea Strawberry & Milk soap

Joining is easy

  1. Follow Pink MagaLine + comment on why you should win this giveaway (1 point)
  2. Blog about this giveaway, adding the Pink MagaLine link to your post (plus 1 point).
  3. Display the giveaway button to your sidebar (plus 1 point)
  4. Add Pink MagaLine to you blog list or link list (plus 1 point)

Contest ends on December 4, 2010. To join, please click here. Goodluck everyone!

Pink Go Green Christmas Giveaways

Christmas Giveaways
Pink Go Green is having a Christmas Giveaway that will let you win these cool prizes:

1st Prize:
$ 15 or Php 600 via paypal
1000 EC credits (Pink Go Green)
3 month space 125 x 125
2nd Prize
$ 10 or Php 400 via paypal
500 EC Credits (Mapeh Homepage)
1 month space 125 x 125
3rd Prize
$ 5 or Php 200 via paypal
300 EC credits (Hymns and Prayers)
1 month space 125 x 125
8 Consolation Prizes
$ 2 or Php 100 (e-load)

Contest Ends on December 15, 2010. To join, please click here. Goodluck everyone!

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