Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh Puffcake Thank You Giveaway!

Puff of Oh Puffcake is having a Thank You Giveaway that will let you win the following awesome items!

Prize 1: (1st pic, far top)
Soapalaya Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Soap Sample (Handmade and All-Natural)-----
her Etsy shop
Soapalaya Lip Balm in Pomegranate
Pure Spring Body Mist in Jasmine Tuberose
Lip Stick Case with Mirror (from China =D)
ELF Studio Complexion Brush
EcoTools Foundation and Blender Brushes
ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in Glow
CoverGirl Cheekers Bluch in Pretty Peach
Prize 2: (2nd pic)
Soapalaya Lip Balm in Asian Pear
Bath and Body Works Body Splash in Velvet Tuberose
NC24 Long Lasting Extra Rich Cream
ELF Studio Blush in Peachy Keen
Maybelline Mineral Power Illuminator in Nude
Forever21 Brown and Gold Bracelet/Bangles
A pretty pair of Light Blue Dangley Earrings

Joining is easy, here are the rules:

1.Must be a follower or her blog
2. Post about this giveaway on your blog linking the original contest post.
3. Answer the following question: What is your HG day cream/moisturizer and why?
2. Leave a Comment
with the URL of your blog post.

Contest ends on SEp 30, 2009 and there will be two winners.
Winners will be drawn via For more details, please visit Oh Puffcake of click the images above.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mommy Moments: That's My Favorite!

mommy moments

It's Mommy Moments Day! Our featured theme today is "That's My Favorite!"

Here's my Helen with her favorite teddy bear named "Baby Bear". It was given to her by my own ninang as a birthday gift on her 1st birthday. She can't sleep without it and she always takes it with her. Baby bear even has it's own baby chair. I'm making it sure that it is always clean as Helen's always hugging and kissing it.

For more Mommy Moments, please visit The Mommy Journey, or simply click the button above. Happy Mommy Moments!

Vanity And Everything In Between First Giveaway

Gem of Vanity And Everything in Between is having her first giveaway that will let you win the following awesome prizes!

G-lish trio eyeshadow
Clinique black mascara
Clinique lipstick in Berrylicious
Estee Lauder lip gloss
Elianto nail polish
G-lish mosaic blush powder
Blue eyeliner

Joining is so easy. You need to make a post about the contest copying the image above, follow her blog, and make a comment saying "I'm in!" That's all. Winner will be drawn via Contest deadline is on September 27, 2009 and will be announced on Oct 1, 2009. For complete details of the contest, visit Vanity And Everything In Between, or click the image above.

My Exchange Link Form

This is my exchange link form. If you want to have free link, link my blog, leave a message below and I will link your sites as soon as possible. Cheers!


Experiencing Job Burnout?

Your have a great knowledge about your work and your skills are still in one piece, yet you do not have the will to perform. You feel drained even in the first few hours of work. You feel empty, your motivation gets low and you do not wish to go to work the next day.


Burnout is the dissatisfaction that you feel when your motivation is gone. When motivation vanished, we burn out. I can also be called job depression.

Prone to Burnout?

Managers, supervisors, those that work under pressure, those that work with recurring and monotonous works, those that works involve dealing and serving people. In other words, everyone, any profession, can be a nominee for job burnout.

Warning Signs

When more often than usual you become hostile at people within your work premises, you feel tired even in the first few hours you’ve been working, you feel frustrated about your work, you are depressed, and you tend to avail sick leaves so often, then maybe you are experiencing job burnout. Other indications that go along with these symptoms are weakening job performance, interpersonal problems, absenteeism, and having a “So what/Why bother” attitude.


When you did all your best yet you still lack positive rewards like praises from you boss, salary increase, promotions, and acknowledgements, you tend to feel bad towards people around you. You feel you don’t have any valid suggestions and you don’t have any influence or any power at all. In short, you don’t believe in yourself anymore.

What Can You Do About It

Manage yourself properly as it can boost your personal power. If you think you can’t do it yourself, you can get help from self-management skills training offered by some groups or institutions. You can also acknowledge yourself for a great work done in case you earn nothing from an unresponsive work environment. There are so many things you can do to give rewards to yourself.

It came a time that you entered a situation and yet you’re not ready for it. This time you need to develop your skills and increase your capabilities. You need to learn more as it will boost your self-confidence to embark upon new challenges handed on to you.

You can also ask for support and advise from family and true friends as they can become you guide and holding area or even shock absorbers. When you have them, you can count on them to help you think things over and get things done. You can have someone to lean on and for sure they can really be of great help.

However, when you tried all of these and nothing happens, maybe the best solution I to change job. If you are unsatisfied with your current job, you are free to quit and look for another. But be aware that the next job that will come along can be even worst.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Looking for Sponsors for Blogversary/Bday Contest


Fedhz of Home Buddies is looking for cash sponsors for her Blogversary/Birthday Contest.

This contest is a double celebration for Fedhz and Pehpot of Make or Break.

Fedhz will be needing $200 as pot money so she really needs help in raising the said amount.

Being a cash sponsor, you will have a chance to be reviewed, be featured and be linked in Home Buddies blog. Plus a chance also to be featured at other participating blogs and contestants, plus you can join the contest too.

Sponsors will be accepted until Sep 25, 2009. For more details, visit Home Buddies or click the banner above.

Autumnal Equinox Starts Now

Today, Sept. 23 at 11:19 p.m. (Philippine Standard Time), is the start of the autumnal equinox where the nights will be longer and the days shorter. This happens in the northern hemisphere including the Philippines. It can be seen from countries in the northern hemisphere that the sun will stay low in the sky thus making the days shorter. This is because the North Pole tilts away from the sun. Autumnal equinox occurs when the sun’s declination is zero degrees and there are 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night at all points on the Earth’s surface.

Starting tomorrow Sept. 24, 2009 until March 20, 2010, the sun will lie south of the celestial equator, indicating the coming of winter for the northern hemisphere and summer for the southern hemisphere. Autumnal Equinox marks the seasonal move from autumn to winter.

The term “equinox” is derived from the Latin word “aequus” which means equal, and “nox,” which means night.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm big as a whale!

I'm on my eighth month of pregnancy and still a month to go and I feel I'm big as a whale! My maternity clothes hardly fit my bloated body. With a month to go, I don't think I need to buy some more maternity clothes. My feet are swollen that I need to buy a new set of slippers one size higher. My hands are swollen and my wrist is aching. And my nose! Ughh! I felt disgusted whenever I look at the mirror. My doctor said it's normal that my body retain some fluids since it will help support the extra blood volume that I will need when the big day comes. I had been pregnant three times with girls and this is my fourth pregnancy and this time I'm having a boy. And it's really different this time. I had so many pregnancy discomforts that I'm thankful that my doctor hasn't been impatient with me. I had these discomforts during my past pregnancies but much worst now. Here are some of them and the remedies I did to lessen the discomfort.

Swelling – drink more water, elevate feet and hands, get plenty of rest, and wear loose clothes.

Heartburn – eat smaller but frequent meals, minimize intake of the food that’s making me ill, pelvic rocking as it moves the uterus thus giving the body enough room for digestion.

Sleepless nights – use lots of pillows to support body and legs, sleep on the side as it pulls the uterus in a better position, sleep in couches or elevate the head with pillows.

Baby Moving – if baby’s kicks become uncomfortable, try some pelvic rocking of walking as according to some theory, mom’s movement rocks baby to sleep.

Discharge – wear loose clothing around the crotch, wear panty liners, and try cleansing as often as possible.

Skin Darkening – skin darkening will go away after the baby is born but to minimize them, stay away from the sun as it will make the skin darker.

Shortness of breath – do some deep breathing to get more oxygen.

Weight Gain – as gaining additional weight is needed by the body to support the baby, instead on worrying on how much weight you are gaining, focus on eating healthy food. Do not invest on too many maternity clothes. A pair or two is good or just borrow from friends. After all, time flies fast before you know it, your big day is here.

On the eighth month of pregnancy, we became a pro, adjusting well on the hardship on fashion and lifestyle changes and the physical changes that the baby and our belly had put into our lives. But don’t worry; it’s not much longer now.

Mellow Yellow Monday # 1


My camera-shy-niece playing with my brother's hard hat.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My baby is now a lady

These days, girls reach puberty early. My eldest daughter had her period just a month ago. The problem is she pretends that it's not happening. She even argued with me about it and insisted that its just "wiwi" and she still wanted to hang with her childhood. I made it sure that I did not get carried right away as I did not announce it to family and friends yet. I've been through with that too when I was a teen myself and I was too embarrassed when my mother told it to all of her friends. So this time, I'm giving respect to my daughter's privacy.

She grew rapidly that I need to buy new set of clothes for her as her old clothes does not fit her anymore. I also bought some starter bra and I let her chose because I wanted her to feel more positive on wearing it. Even her school uniforms are getting small for her that I need to order few sets again.

Menstruation cycles are unpredictable so I made it sure again that he has sanitary napkins in her school bag in case she had it in school.

I don't want to rush her to be mature. If only I can stop her from growing up I will. I still wanted her to be my baby. But I know this is impossible. Time will come that she will decide on her own, motivate herself, have her own set of goals, and be irritated if I continue doing these things for her. But If she needs assistance and guidance, I will make it sure that I'm there for her.

(Am I making things so sure?- Yaiks! Another obsessive-compulsive disorder attack!)

I won at My Crafts Stores Online Giveaway Contest!

Weeeee! I won at My Crafts Stores Online Giveaway Contest!

I'm very happy and very thankful that I won this contest.

Mommy Gengen will be having another giveaway contest in two weeks time and I'll be joining again. I just hope that next time I'll win the cute greeting cards ;)

Here's the list of the winners and prizes:
First Prize: Winner:
3 sets of assorted greeting cards - DarlingRose Paper Goods
3 sets of assorted greeting cards - Momgen Paper Designs
5000 EC plus 125x125 Ad space for 3 months - Life's Journey

125x125 Ad space for 3 months - Rewards Station

125x125 Ad Space for 3 months - Life's Journey

Fourth Prize: Winner:
3000 EC - Momgen Designs

Special prizes: Worldwide shipping (1 winner each pair of earrings)
3 pair of earrings from Momgen's Corner

Congratulations to all the winners and more power to Mommy Gengen!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pinay Mommy Online’s First Book Giveaway

Mommy Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online is having a contest that will let you win two (2) books. The first book is Blogging From Home by Janette Toral and the second book is Find Real Happiness by William Gracian.

To enter the contest, you must follow PinayMommyOnline using Google Friend Connect, subscribe to PinayMommyOnline RSS using email, if already a subscriber, subscribe again using a different email address, make a post about Mommy Ruby’s book giveaway and don’t forget to hyperlink PinayMommyOnline’s URL, and make a direct link to the contest post.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can do the following:

Make many post at different blogs if you want blogs must at least be 3 months old to participate. Winners will be chosen via For complete contest details, click here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting ready for my new baby!

I'm on my eighth week of pregnancy and I've been experiencing contractions. These are uncomfortable but not painful tightening of the uterus. My obstetrician called it "practice contractions" or the so-called braxton hicks contractions. They are non-rhythmic and happens very unpredictably but they ease up easily. Mostly, they happen when my baby is getting so active inside my tummy or when my bladder is full. I got so worried at first because I'm afraid that I might have a pre-term labor but my doctor gave me some medications and advised me to just lay down and rest each time I'm having these contractions. But she said that if my contractions does not alleviate after I rested I should call her at once.

I'm also getting my stuff and my baby's stuff ready. This is the 4th time I'm giving birth but I'm still nervous yet exited as I was during my first. I already started with the things I have to pack and I'm almost set. Here are the things on my list. Did I miss any?

For Me:
house dress (daster) - because they are much comfortable to wear
going home outfit
maternity bra
socks - in case I got cold
bath towels/face towel
toiletries (feminine wash/toothbrush/toothpaste/facial wash/soap/shampoo )
maternity pads/adult diapers/sanitary napkins
alcohol/hand sanitizer
laundry soap/laundry powder
cellphone/charger/phone cards
camera ;)
kikay kit
mp3 player
my bag (cash/atm cards/letter from OB/ballpen)

For my baby:
2 receiving blankets
newborn diapers
3 bonnets
3 pairs mittens and socks
baby wipes
baby oil/baby soap/alcohol
cotton/cotton buds/cotton balls
going home outfit
bigkis (if still "uso")
baby clothes
baby carrier
wash cloths

For the daddy:
blanket and pillows

My father said It looks like we're moving out :) but I hope I'm not forgetting any. If you notice that I missed some stuff, please let me know :) and I would be very much thankful.

My Crafts Stores Online First Giveaway Contest

Mommy Gengen of My Crafts Stores Online is having her first ever giveaway contest!.

The Prizes? here:

Love card and just everyday greeting card

Birthday card and greeting card

Sympathy card and Thank you card
First Prize:
3 sets of assorted greeting cards -
DarlingRose Paper Goods
3 sets of assorted greeting cards -
Momgen Paper Designs
5000 EC -
Wonderful things in Life
5000 EC plus 125x125 Ad space for 3 months -
Life's Journey

Second Prize:
5000 EC -
The Joy Of Life Forever
4000 EC -
The Fountain Of Happiness
125x125 Ad space for 3 months -
Rewards Station

Third Prize:
5000 EC -
My Life's Adventure
2000 EC -
My Crafts Stores Online
125x125 Ad Space for 3 months -
Life's Journey

Fourth Prize:
3000 EC -
Momgen Designs
2000 EC -
Wonderful Things in Life

Special prizes: Worldwide shipping (1 winner each pair of earrings)
3 pair of earrings from
Momgen's Corner

Joining is easy. Here are the steps:
1. Blog about this giveaway contest linking to My Crafts Stores Online and its sponsors
2. Go to My Crafts Stores Online, pick a favorite and tell it to Mommy Gengen in the comment section
4. Put the button in your sidebar
My Crafts Stores Online

5. Give your location.

Winners will be chosen via Deadline will be on Sep 14, 2009 so join now and have the chance to win these beautiful cards. For more contest details, visit My Crafts Stores Online.

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