Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday # 6


(poolside Christmas party!)

(she's hot)

(I sank my face on the table after this)

It was Punta Fuego’s Christmas Party last December 4, 2010. The night was jam-packed by the high-profiled. Sorry I can’t name them because if they found out for sure I’m dead. 90’s singer Malu Barry was there to give entertainment, I just wondered if they knew her because I’ve seen some blank faces staring at her when she started singing. Anyways, this one boss of mine really stand-out because of his yellow shirt. He kept on offering me some wines; I guess he wanted me to get drunk though. I looked forward for this occasion because I love the food being served- lechon, beef, turkey, fish and chips, and an overload of desserts. I’ll be seeing them all next year. My manager told me I’d better watch out my top looked like a table cloth, lol! Advance Merry Christmas everybody!

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