Friday, January 16, 2009

I won at Holiday Blow Out Giveaways!!

I won 4th prize at Holiday Blow Out Giveaways! Weeeeeee!

and my cool prizes? Check this out:

Ma Christina De Castro - 4th Prize

Here's the screenshot:

Congratulations to all the winners!!


Dinah said...

wow, ang galing naman!

Sherry said...

hi, my pinkyposh dot com is a domain/hosting that I won from contest. it has been a week cannot access or see even the blogger that owns her blogs the same. :(

not sure whats wrong, my blog is under hers and waiting her to find out. That's why I replace for another blog. Just to be fair and not want winner to wait.

abie said...

Congrats! I won too. 5th Prize...

Makoy said...

salamat ng marami. overwhelming yung mga nagsponsors. sana ganon din ang sasali.

Arlene said...

hi tin, i got your email but the link you sent is not working. it just redirect me to ur blog and the othr link is error. i suggest u drop to me one time sa Joys in Life para dun ko nalnag e copy paste ang iyong widget. thanks in advance.

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