Thursday, September 30, 2010

LP 119: Manipis

Kuha ito noong huling pasyal naming sa Baguio. Alas tres pa lang ng hapon ngunit nababalot na ng manipis na hamog ang kapaligiran. Gustong gusto ko ang Baguio. Dito ko lang nagagawa ang mga bagay na pangarap kong laging gawin: ang matulog ng matulog at kumain ng kumain. Masayang Huwebes mga ka-LP!

Long Time No See

I’m going to start blogging again. After a long hiatus, of what seems to be a long eternity of being away from this blog, I decided that I will start blogging again. I may sound redundant but see, it’s been a year that no words were written here and I did thought of giving up. But its not that I really gave up, it’s just that I’ve been down, and coping, and busy, and sad, and tired, and mixed-up, (not to mention that my old laptop grew tired of me too). I even had some emails from friends asking me if I’m alright. I’d like to let them know that I am now TOTALLY FINE, and I am thanking them so much for the love and concern. Whew!

And starting today, I’ll begin my blogging. I hope that I can post daily. I’ll see how that will go but I need to make some changes on my layout first then posts will follow. I miss blogosphere! J

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