Monday, April 22, 2013

Sun Cellular, The Good Choice in Postpaid

I’ve known Sun Cellular for almost eight years now. It was recommended to me by a friend because she knew I had to call my family every once in a while and I had low budget and I scared to those immense mobile phone bills. She even let me borrowed her PhP 350 line for unlimited calls and texts to other Sun numbers. I then bought a Sun prepaid sims for me and for my family members and there’s this PhP100 prepaid load that allowed me also to do unlimited call and texts. But I had to go to a loading center every week and that’s really time-consuming on my part. Now, other than the contending cellular phone lines and my Sun Cellular prepaid line,  I’ve been thinking of having my own Sun Cellular postpaid plan for me and my kids because I know that it’s a better service provider and it’s way cheaper. Here are my choices (Source):

Plan 600
You may choose from the following Profiles:
Call & Text Unlimited
Get the following:
  • Unlimited Calls & Texts*
  • P250 Consumable** (except International/Domestic Operator-assisted calls)
  • 350 FREE SMS to other networks
Text Unlimited 
Get the following:
  • Unlimited Texts*
  • P450 Consumable** (except International/Domestic Operator-assisted calls)
  • 350 FREE SMS to other networks
Fully Consumable
Get the following:
  • P600 Consumable** (except International/Domestic Operator-assisted calls)
  • 350 FREE SMS to ALL networks
* Local Sun-to-Sun Calls and/or Texts only.
** Consumable may be used for the following:
  • Sun Cellular calls to other networks – including NDD & IDD
  • Sun - to - Sun MMS
  • SMS2Email
Plan 999
You may choose from the following Profiles:

Text Unlimited
Get the following:
  • Unlimited Mobile Internet
  • Unlimited Texts to Sun
  • 4 Hours Calls to Sun

And you know what I plan I prefer? Sun Cellular Plan 999!  Why? Because it offers Unlimited Internet! My kids would love it. They’ll be able to get 3G signal wherever they go and that means Twitter and Facebook everywhere. I’ll get to save from the cost of texting to other service provider lines because I know they’ll just send Facebook messages to them. And the best of it, the plans go with the slimmest phones ever! Sun is really a good choice for me. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Laugh hard, smile no matter what youre going through, give everyone a second chance, and don't ever forget...rules were meant to be is too short to be anything but happy!

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. – Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Happiness is:
  1. My Dad being out of danger after that freak vehicular accident.
  2. Miss Eliza, our resident relations officer, & Miss Malou, our Community Development coordinator for helping me look for a Neuro-Surgeon.
  3. My friends Mylene, Obet, and Ramon for the encouragements.
  4. UERM Doctors, Dr.  Rico Chavez, the neuro-surgeon & Dr. Chiombon, the anesthesiologist, for giving the best professional services and not charging us even a single centavo.
  5. Dr. Noel Chua, for introducing me to UERM Doctors.
  6. My relatives for financial help.
  7. My officemates for covering up my workloads
  8. Well-wishers, for reminding me to stay positive
  9. My savings, though gone now, for being there when I need it most.
  10. My partner Estanley, and my kids, for keeping me sane.

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Happy Weekend!

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