Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Post For The Year 2009

"A daughter may outgrow our lap, but she will never outgrow our heart" ~Author Unknown

It's been quite sometime since my daughters were together. Last was in May 2008 during school vacation when I had to beg Edwin to let Katkat stay with us till school opening. And it was 6 months ago since I last saw Katkat and I'm very disappointed and guilty with myself for being so busy not to have a time to visit her. Yes, there are reasons why I'm busy, which I knew are so "mababaw". But this year, having time for my kids no matter how busy I will be, topped my list of New Year's Resolution.

My kids are the reasons why I'm thankful that I'm alive.

I remember one morning when I was about to go to work, my 3-years old youngest daughter Helen gave me her first drawing, it was a drawing of a girl, actually it was somewhat a stick-figure. I was surprised to see her learned how to draw at her age. To my exitement, I hang up the drawing at our refrigerator door. And when I arrived home in the evening after work, I found our refrigerator full of stick figure drawings, this time they were colored with crayons, and with Helen saying "Mommy ganda drawing ko, kaw yan".

Katkat, my second born on the other hand, was left in the care of her grandmother when she was also 3 years old. I left her. That's the only thing in my life that I am regreting. I am a brave and gutsy person, but during that times, I became a coward. But despite of my shortcomings for Katkat, she still wanted to be with me, live with me, and still favors me over anything. My daughter loves me-unconditionally. I knew I need to make up for Katkat. And I'm willing to do anything too for her.

Mikaela, my eldest, is nearing teen years.. May sarili ng mundo ika nga. But with every occasion, she always has a ready gift for me. Sometimes a hand made card, a cheap coin purse, a flower or a drawing. And always with a small note saying "I love you mommy".

Here are picture of my daughters last Christmas -December 25, 2008, one of the happiest Christmases I have..

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Dinah said...

Pinakamaganda si Tala! ay wait, si Katkat pala ang inaanak ko! he he.

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