Thursday, January 20, 2011

LP 135: Malamig

Ito ang pinamimigay na inuming pampalakas noong ika-9 na Club Punta Fuego Regatta. Kahit ako ay nanonood lang ay binigyan din ako ng taga-pangasiwa. Hindi ko ugaling uminom ng ganitong inumin pero masarap pala kapag nagyeyelo na kaya bago ako umalis, humingi pa ako ng isa. 

Pasyal po kayo sa Litratong Pinoy para sa mga naggagandahang lahok ngayong linggong ito, Masayang Huwebes!

Watery Wednesday #8

My youngest daughter with her friends during my college reunion. My classmate was teaching them how to use the floater. 

Watch out for more Watery Wednesday entries here. Have a great week folks!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday # 7


This is my best friend Thess carrying my only son Mochi. Picture was taken last year's mothers day when we agreed to have a get-together by the beach. We both brought along our kids and we had so much fun. A week after our get-together, she went to Dubai for a 2-year work as food attendant. Then another week after, she suffered severe asthma that took her life. I knew she's in good hands now. But I missed her.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Going Back To School

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by my officemate to try getting a post-graduate study. She said the State University near us has classes where in we can choose the best schedules suitable for us since we’re working 6 days a week. This got me so excited that I went over to the University and check the available courses. The admission officer offered me MBA. I’ve been working as an accountant and I know an MBA will help me understand more the value of financial decisions and the job of finance in sustaining a company. But I know this will be hard for me as it will involve a lot of study, research, and writing essay, not to mention a thesis.  Having a nearly-teen daughter, another daughter in preparatory class, and a baby in hand, I will only have a little or no time at all for my MBA. Being out of school for a long time, I already forgot where to start, what should be the structure, or how I will end my essay. Too good there is this site where you can buy essays uniquely written just for you at unbeatable prices. They can also give me some pointers and direction on how to plan essay writing. Written by professionals and experts, I can guarantee that my essay is 100% authentic and will be delivered to me on time so I will never have a problem meeting my deadlines. I been thinking of the possibility of getting an MBA not just because I can be the best in my field but it can also help me earn a promotion and definitely a salary increase.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Buying A Car

I am buying my own car this year, a second-hand car to be clear. I am done with the amortization of my house and the bank offers me for another loan, a car loan this time. I rejected the idea of having a loan after another. I will be saving money so I can pay in cash.  I need to have car insurance too since I’m not too much of a driver. I have a friend who’s into buy and sell of cars and he’s so familiar with car insurance. He can give me a list of agencies where I can ask of insurance quotes so I can compare auto insurance rates. I know that car insurance rates depend on what car model I am buying. If I’m not mistaken the older the car model the lower the insurance. Anyways, I’ll be taking a good look on these agencies and I will compare auto quotes. I don’t want to waste money and later on be sorry later on and if I can ask for discounts which I am eligible, why not. If I can pay in installments, why not again?  Its hard-earned money that I’ll be using on this so I better be wise. . 

Watery Wednesday #7

My family on a trip to the beach one Sunday morning. My baby boy had so much fun that he cried when I took him out of the water. It was kinda low tide and there were boys around going skim boarding. My eldest daughter who's not in the picture was behind me and was begging me to buy a skim board for her. She had borrowed from one of the boys and tried to skim board and she enjoyed it. I've been thinking of buying her one and let her practice during her summer vacation. My family just so love waters. More Watery Wednesday posts here. Have a great week ahead.

Star's Coming Over

Star, my sister-in law, is based in Qatar and is working as a hospital nurse. We used to chat every now and then and she has been sending us pictures of her while she’s at work. She was first assigned in the pediatrics then later in the emergency room.  I noticed from her pictures that her scrubs in Qatar are a bit different from the scrubs she used to wear when she was still working here in the Philippines.  She said the hospital uniforms in Qatar were designed to meet the basic standard for Arab women's dress. They were patterned from the jallabia, an Arabian Traditional women’s dress that’s long, fits loosely and is ankle length, it’s actually a long dress with long sleeves. Her hospital uniforms vary in colors and she liked it because it covers every part of her body and it also prevents patients from touching them.

Last week she phoned me and she said she’ll be coming home in March and she’ll be staying here for good and that’s good news to us. Since she worked in Qatar, we have been worrying too much for her. Maybe if it’s some western country we won’t.  Anyways, she has plans of putting up a business but for sure she will still work as a nurse since she still has job offers here. I’ll bet she will ask me again to accompany her to buy new scrub sets. My daughter is so exited when I told that her aunt is coming. It simply means there will be loads of chocolates for her and of course a new signature bag for me. I can hardly wait.

Friday, January 7, 2011

LP133: Paboritong Laruan

Ito ang paboritong laruan ng anak kong si Helenia. Isang puting Teddy Bear na pasalubong sa kanya ng aking Ninang galing Guam. Mahal na mahal ni Helenia ang laruang ito. Ayaw nya itong madudumihan, palagi nya itong ipinapalaba sa akin, pinupulbusan at pinapabanguhan din niya ito. Ang pangalan ng Teddy Bear na ito ay Whitie :)

Kuha ito noong ika-apat na kaarawan ni Helenia. Hindi siya pumayag na magpalitrato na ang kasama ay ako lang, dapat kasama din si Whitie.

Kuha ito isang gabi noong taong 2008. Dinalaw kami ng aking Nanay sa inuupahan naming apartment. May bago akong camera noon at tinetesting ko ito. Kasama pa din si Whitie syempre. Ang aking Nanay pala ay namayapa na noong Mayo 2009. Ang bilis ng panahon.

Dalaw po kayo sa Litratong Pinoy.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Watery Wednesday #6

These were served "bottomless" during our Christmas Party. Every time my glass was half-emptied, the waiter was there to fill it up again. The party started at 6pm and we left at 11pm - bloated. Ughhh.

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