Friday, October 31, 2008

finding kenya

Last night, I found a black puppy on the street, alone, wet, and dirty...

At first I thought it was just a piece of rug and I need to take a closer look just to be sure what was it really. Then a wide-eyed, innocent and pleading puppy melted my heart, inspiring me to take it in.

I felt ironic, yesterday we were mourning over Nico's death, and now heaven sent something that will enlighten us up

She’s so tiny and as I lift her, she's so light and I felt her ribs but besides that, she’s very friendly and sweet. I'm assuming she’s been lost for a while since she’s so skinny.

I called Nomer at once to tell him what I found, although he hesitated on keeping a puppy again, still, he came over to get "Kenya"- that's the name Nomer chose for she's as black as the night.

Right now she’s staying in their garage which Nomer had put a little shoe box where she could sleep. Kenya is not just sweet, she is also nice, doesn't whimp so nobody's bothered at night.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

safe halloween

From the candy to the costumes, Halloween is a fun-filled time for kids and parents alike. But it's also a holiday that can pose dangers to young revelers. To help make this year's festivity a trick-free treat, follow these simple safety tips:

Adorning Your Little Ghouls

  • Choose a light-colored costume or add glow-in-the-dark tape to the front and back of the costume so your kids can be easily seen.
  • Don't buy a costume unless it's labeled "flame-retardant." This means the material won't burn.
  • Make sure wigs and beards don't cover your kids' eyes, noses, or mouths.
  • Don't let your children wear masks — they can make it difficult for kids to see and breathe. Instead, use nontoxic face paint or makeup. Have younger children draw pictures of what they want to look like. Older kids will have fun putting the makeup on themselves.
  • Put a name tag — with your phone number — on your children's costumes.
  • Avoid oversized and high-heeled shoes that could cause kids to trip.
  • Avoid long or baggy skirts, pants, or shirtsleeves that could catch on something and cause falls.
  • Make sure that any props your kids carry, such as wands or swords, are flexible.

Trouble-Free Trick-or-Treating

  • Accompany young children (under age 10) on their rounds. But make sure they know their home phone number, the cell phone numbers of parents and any other trusted adult who's supervising, and how to call 9-1-1 in case they get lost.
  • For older kids who are trick-or-treating on their own, make sure you approve of the route they'll be taking and know when they'll be coming home. Also be sure that they:
    • carry a cell phone, if possible
    • go in a group and stay together
    • only go to houses with porch lights on and walk on sidewalks on lit streets (never walk through alleys or across lawns)
    • know to never go into strangers' homes or cars
    • cross the street at crosswalks and never assume that vehicles will stop
  • Give kids flashlights with new batteries.
  • Limit trick-or-treating to your neighborhood and the homes of people you and your children know.
  • When your kids get home, check all treats to make sure they're safely sealed and there are no signs of tampering, such as small pinholes, loose or torn packages, and packages that appear to have been taped or glued back together. Throw out loose candy, spoiled items, and any homemade treats that haven't been made by someone you know.
  • Don't allow young children to have hard candy or gum that could cause choking.
  • Make sure trick-or-treaters will be safe when visiting your home, too. Remove lawn decorations, sprinklers, toys, bicycles, wet leaves, or anything that might obstruct your walkway. Provide a well-lit outside entrance to your home. Keep family pets away from trick-or-treaters, even if they seem harmless to you.

Gobbling Down Halloween Goodies

  • Offer a filling meal before your kids head out to trick-or-treat so they won't scarf down too much of their haul.
  • Consider purchasing Halloween treats other than candy. Stickers, erasers, crayons, pencils, coloring books, and sealed packages of raisins and dried fruits are good choices.
  • Know how much candy your kids have collected and store it somewhere other than their bedrooms. Having it so handy can be an irresistible temptation for many kids. Consider being somewhat lenient about candy eating on Halloween, within reason, and talk about how the rest of the candy will be handled. Kids who generally eat just a couple of pieces and save the rest might be trusted to decide how much to eat. But if your child tends to overdo it, consider setting limits.
  • Once your trick-or-treaters have returned with their Halloween goodies, extend their bounty by letting them have a treat or two a day instead of leaving candy out in big bags or bowls for kids to sample at will.

Take these quick and easy precautions to help your little ghosts and goblins have a hauntingly happy and safe Halloween.

Reviewed by: Mary Gavin, MD

5 minute makeup

If there is one thing I hate in the morning, it’s getting ready. Its hard to look good when you're always in a hurry applying your makeup. When we go to work every morning, we would not want to spend our remaining 20 minutes putting on makeup or we're gonna be late again. But here’s some amazing looks I'm really into now that you can do yourself in just under 5 minutes. Not only are these looks fast and easy, but they’ll have you look like a goddess- pronto!


This look is for the makeup minimalist, and perfect during the day. What you need is a rosy-pink blush and lip balm. For a dewy glow, dab a lip balm on cheeks, inner eye corners and lips of course. Next, fill out your brows and brush them upwards. With a simple, fresh look it’s crucial that your brows look perfect and groomed.


If you’re a fan of bright, red lipstick, think about going a little different today. Instead, try a fuschia lipstick, which is more fun and playful anyways. Start by lining your lips with a magenta colored lip pencil to prevent color bleeding. Fuschia is a color that is not only versatile, but works great on girls with dark or fair hair. To balance out this bold look, swipe on a lengthening mascara and voila you have pretty in pink lips and to-die-for lashes.


If you’re a fan of the smokey eye, but don’t necessarily have time to do it in the morning, here’s the new and improved smokey eye on the rush! Bold, black colors can turn out horrible on bad days, so you have to step it down a notch and incorporate easier-to-wear colors, such as gray hues. Start by filling in the upper lashes with a gray pencil and drag out the line at the outer corners of the eye to create a slightly winged shape. Smudge a bit of gray shadow along the lower lash line and you don’t even need mascara to boot. You can call this look the “during the day smokey eye”.


Pretty purples and violets are the it colors this season, so it’s no wonder that they’re ending up on our eyes as well. To warm up the purple shadow, blend some peach blush with a hint of shimmer high on the cheekbone and up to the lids. If you put on too much, you can end up looking dated. A touch of iridescence gives skin a youthful luminosity. Instead of going for the traditional nude lip, try a salmon color for more excitement.


This is another version of the smokey eye and it’s perfect for a rushed night out or whatever you’re in the mood for. Start by dotting black pencil between the lashes and line the lower inner rims. Then blend the liner with a slick black gloss for a super sexy effect. For the final touch, blend a dab of lip balm with a gold shadow and gild the inner eye corners. This will open up your eyes a thousand times!

how should I tell the kids

Last July, a neighbor gave my kids a puppy. We named him Nico. But since the kids had not yet learned how to take care of a puppy, we gave Nico away, as a Birthday gift to our driver-kuya-bodyguard-jack of all trades-Kuya Nomer. My kids understand why we need to give Nico away. Baka kasi kagatin si Tala pag pinanggigilan nya ang puppy. Hindi naman kami nagkamali on giving Nico to Kuya Nomer. Nico was well taken care of. Spoiled pa nga. We just asked Nomer to bring Nico over pag namimiss ng mga bata. Mika even said "Kuya Nomer, habilin lang si Nico ha, isosoli mo yan pag malaki na".

But last tuesday Nomer called, he said Nico is sick. I advised him to go to a veterinarian so he will know what's making Nico sick. He said later in the afternoon after work na lang. But it was too late na. Nico died.

When I got to see Nomer the next day, he cried when he told me what really happened. He said that never in his life he had taken care and loved a dog this much. Nomer is an orphan and is living alone. So even if I told him "Cheer up, It was just a dog!", I still understand his feelings.

Ayoko na talaga sana magsulat ng senti, kaso lang ewan ko ba ayaw ako tantanan ng mga kasentihan.

And to enlighten Kuya Nomer's feelings, I just told him, next time we'll give him a cat instead kasi 9 ang buhay.

My problem now is how to tell my kids. Kanina lang umaga they asked me to borrow Nico again. Hayyyy

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

be grateful of your kids

Yesterday, when I came home from work, I found a plastic scissor and cut hairs on my dresser table. When I asked the girls what happened, my "Tala ng buhay ko" said, "mommy gupit ko buhok ko."

Our children always drive us crazy. I agree with that. But in spite of all the problems they gave us, they're still our children and we should learn to appreciate them when they do something good. And if we will not learn to appreciate them in their good deeds, most likely they will turn to doing bad just to catch our attention.

So instead of complaining a lot about them, lets be thankful on how blessed we are in having healthy, smart children who loves us unconditionally..

pasaway talaga kayo

"Wag kang magreklamo kung yun mahal mo e hindi ka mahal, kasi meron din mga taong mahal ka pero di mo rin mahal. Kaya quits lang! "

ha ha ha ha ha!!!

I demand

The "Agency" didn't mention anything about cut-off periods and ATM cards.

And it's bothering me a lot.

I know everybody's pocket is still jampacked.

Mine has gone a long way.

Somebody give me an idea pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

Susweldo p ba tau ever????


Thursday, October 23, 2008

tara magsenti tau

tara mag senti tau

sa Fuego...

thanks KC for this pic.

Why I don’t hate Coldplay

Some news are written about them saying that they are too ambitious enough to ever say that they are one of the world’s top rock bands. They made no secret of its desire to topple U2. U2 is a great, great thing and if Coldplay is going to do something, they might as well do something great. And in aiming for anything, they might as well aim for the best. There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious.

The New York Daily News criticized its concerts as dull because of a concentration of slow-moving songs. Coldplay took this criticism to heart though they still sing the same songs, they been trying to change the set of their concerts.

The lead vocalist Chris Martin attributes to his tabloid fame as Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband. Some said that Coldplay will not be “Coldplay” if Martin didn’t ask Gwyneth to marry him. But please spare the guy. Is he not-so-good-looking enough? As in walang dating? Is it his hair? Or just maybe he’s not so masculine to be called a rock star.

Whatever they are going through publicly is natural. Sa tagalog man, ang punong pinupukol ay yaong punong hitik sa bunga. Universally applicable pala ito. Akala ko Pinoy lang ang may ganitong mentality.

People can’t say that Coldplay didn’t work hard or didn’t try hard. If people don’t like Coldplay, then they don’t like Coldplay. Nothing can be done about that. Anyway, with some 20 million albums sold worldwide, it is clear Coldplay has its own share of fans.

Here’s a Coldplay song which has become one of my favorites. Just let me know if I’m wrong with what I think of Coldplay.

Viva La Vida

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

diary of a broken heart

Mylene inspired me to do this.

We're just acquaintances. Workmates for that matter, got to see each other almost everyday, bump into each other from time to time when going in and out of the village. But I haven't got any chance of knowing her personally. Honestly, my impression for her was she's maldita, supladita, and a total bitch. Not until lately. Thanks to the employees' day when she was looking for a song to match their dance number and had Ian helped her fix it.

She's fat. She admitted it. No problem with that. But she's pretty. I may be laitera, but when I said that she's pretty, I'm betting my whole month salary to prove that what I'm saying is true. But it's human nature to judge a person by what they saw with their bare eyes, and sadly, I am no exception to that rule before.

When I got the chance to be with her, talk to her, hear her views, her frustrations, I realized that the real bitch in the story is me. Being so judgemental, and from the impressions I got with what I hear, I was blind enough to see the real person/problem inside the fat girl.

And you know what's the real thing? Simple. She just wants to be loved. Simple yet difficult for narrow-minded people to understand. As our conversation goes, I cannot imagine how many times that her heart got broken, and how many tons of tears she cried. I thought that in listing down the times a person got broken hearted I would won, but I was wrong. Nothing compares to the agony and pain that this girl has gone through. And once a person is broken hearted, no advice given would make it feel better. It's true that time heals all wounds. But it's the length of time that matters. It might take weeks, months, or even years for a person to be able to say that she had moved on.

Anyway, she's a bubbly, happy person on the outside, maybe that's why she's always misconcepted. Good in hiding her feelings. But give her a bottle of beer and she'll spill out. In a matter of a week of talking with her, I came to know her. And I really feel bad about myself for being so hypercritical of her.

We're doing good now. In fact we agreed on going out from time to time, mostly on saturday nights for a bonding session. And I made her a promise to help her look for a prince charming. Khit na by kissing frogs with the anticipation that it will turn into a handsome prince for her to live happily ever after.

Ay I don't wanna continue writing na. Nasesenti lng ako.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

ohhhh ahhhh

~ A boy is a magical creature-you can lock him out of your workshop, but you can't lock him out of your heart. ~ Allan Beck

Meet the De Castro boys:

don't be deceived by his angelic face. you'll never know what's playing in his mind. with Uragon blood hehehe. here's the future boy next door. too good to be true
- Jose Gabriel De Castro

with oozing charms, he will surely melt the girls' hearts. Future heartthrob of the Asia Pacific. Half Filipino-half Micronesian
- Ethan De Castro - Camacho

athletic, has above average physical skills. strength, agility & endurance. always been mistaken as an Am-boy. smart. sweet. his gazes will surely take the girl's breath away.
- Andrei Josh De Castro - Nunez

loves to give everybody a hug. prominently exhibiting excessive masculinity. only boy in a brood of 4. with mom always tagging along, it will be a challenge to girls to get in his way hahaha. here's the future kilabot ng preschool
- John Patrick De Castro - Carayag.

naughty eyes and naughty smile. bright, gorgeous & attractive. loves playing percussion. future model to glide down the catwalk. future rockstar
- Enrico Miguel De Casto - Estacio

there is just SOMETHING about this boy that draws you in, even as your head tells you to "beware". Exudes untamed independence and confidence, future bad boy
- Jose Ernesto De Castro

pleasingly handsome. strikingly appealing to the eyes. not just a pretty face but a good soul. hailing from Lipa City
John Paul De Castro - Ona

The boys in our family always stand-out. Whether babies or men. They have a reputation of being heartbreakers. From the great-great-lolo (may he rest in peace) to the 8 month old grandson. So girls out there should watch out for them. Watch out but beware because I'm pretty sure they'll gonna break lots of hearts someday. You know I'm envying the proud parents ha, because until now I'm still trying my luck to have my own little pretty boy. How? That I cannot tell you hahaha. But pag nagkataon, move-over boys.

Friday, October 17, 2008

forgive. then go forward

Forgive but don't forget. Somebody told me that this is my way of saying " I will not forgive".

Forgive the offender - right thing to do. I will not disagree on that. But forget? Forget as if nothing wrong ever happened? I don't know..

I don't easily forget. Well, I've been trying, little by little, though its really hard on my part. Before, I kept saying that the ones who can forgive are the dead, and the living have no right to forget. But I realized that I have to forgive because I'm going to be a bitter bitch if I don't.

Okay KC, I give up. Let's give her a second chance hehehehe.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

not always a boss' day

If our boss can always get a Bosses Day, then it's only fair and appropriate that we, the employees, gets a day in our honor. How about an Employees Day?? Yippeeeeeee!!!!! Hep-Hep??!! Hurray!!!!

We not allowed to be in one team, so group picture na lang!! Say chess!!!

can't go on with pictures without a "peace sign" ;-)

palakihan ng butas ng ilong hahahaha!!

with or without egg?

kc's been shreked

duda ako sa sorbeterong ito...hmm

hello chef mikel? there's too too much salt on your lugaw!

models ng pamintang durog

bakit ung sa akin walang egg?huhuhuhuhu

fun! fun! fun!

patitigasin muna bago
ipasok- ang sinulid hahaha

cge hataw!!!

sinong sikat? sikat ako!!

red team

with Aga- Agapito hahaha

pink sisters

For some time, we, employees, although we never admit, tried a lots of things just to make our work fun. We tried playing music on our windows media player (with Janice, she uses I-tunes--naksss hayteks), or we tried to have group lunches in the afternoon, or having to celebrate birthdays inside the office every now & then, or arranging sports activities after work. But whatever crazy things we try, it loses its novelty after a while and we get tired of it. Surely it helps-temporarily. Yeah-they're good now but then to bring your office alive, management should give people a chance to have some fun together, add a human face to your management style, and as another way to show people that you care about them. Thanks to the yearly "Employees Day" (yahoooooo!) Samantalahin na ito! Libre food & libre to go wild sa dance floor(that's where we're good at hehe). Fun Fun Fun! We get to see employees that we only knew by name (and voice through phone). Don't think of scheduling for a vacation leave-that's not possible.

See yah all folks next year!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

you won't like me when i'm angry

"Anger is an emotional state that varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage"

I inherited it from my father.
When things don't go as I wish them to, and even with just minor irritations, my blood pressure goes up, eyes redden, body trembles, and all symptoms show up that I'm not in my wits. And although I wasn't exposed to some blast of a test detonation of a gamma bomb, I often involuntarily transform into a depicted giant, raging monster, leading to extreme complications.

But that was a long time ago (whew!). Not until I knew of the possibilities that my veins from my heart or brain will pop-up sooner than I can even finish saying "Gago ka pala eh!". Ayoko ko pa yata matigok!!

So, after years and years of trying to suppress, control and redirect my anger, I can now finally say that I can calm down inside. But I'm not saying I'm not getting angry anymore (ano ako santa??) What I'm saying is that I'm not just controlling my outward behavior, but also controlling my internal responses, taking steps to lower my heart rate, calm myself down, and let the feelings subside.

How I did it? Here, this might help:

1. Be an artist. Why, with your extreme surge of emotions, you might create a work of art, malay mo you will be the next Picasso.

2. Do something physically tiring but productive. Don't waste your energy sa walang kwentang tao, go clean the house, although alam na alam naman na tamad ka. Who know's andito pala talent mo hehehe.3. Eat. When a person is angry he/she is most likely to loose amino acid which is the body's natural antidote for stress and anxiety. And by the way, a hungry person gets angry fast.

4. Do the yoga. Concentrating so intently on what your body is doing has the effect of bringing a calmness to the mind. Physical activity is good for relieving stress, and this is particularly true of yoga.

5. And finally, know thyself. You can keep an anger logbook to identify the kinds of situations that set you off and to monitor your reactions.

Here are some other things you can do when you start to feel angry (Reviewed by: W. Douglas Tynan, PhD):

  • talk to a friend you can trust
  • count to 10
  • get or give a hug
  • do jumping jacks or another exercise
  • draw a picture of your anger
  • play a video game
  • run around the outside of the house five times as fast as you can
  • sing along with the stereo
  • pull weeds in the garden
  • think good thoughts (maybe about a fun vacation or your favorite sport)
  • take a bike ride, go skateboarding, play basketball - do something active!

Never getting angry is impossible. Instead, remember that how you act when you're angry can make the situation better or worse. Don't let anger be the boss of you. Take charge of it!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today is very much different from the days that passed my life. Why? Because for the first time, I woke up so pissed off. Pissed off by this girl officemate who has done nothing but magchat buong maghapon dahil hindi siya busy. And because she's not busy most of her 8-hour stay at the office, she always finds time to mess with somebody else's life. Pakialamera talaga ang puta! (sorry for using the p-word- I'm just mad, pasensya na..)

And this morning, when I saw her inside our service vehicle. Tangna, my hands are itching to slap her face, slap her till till blood seeps from her big unworthy mouth! Plak! Plak! Plak! Plak! If curse/looks could really kill, she should have been dead!

I don't know. Bakit may taong makitid pa sa kalsadang bitukang manok papuntang Quezon Province ang paguutak. Nasa size ba un ng ulo? Kc sa totoo lng maliit ulo nya, kaya cguro maliit din utak nya. Syet talaga. Agang-aga nagmumura ako. Sumumpa p nmn ako sa sarili ko na magpapakabait na. Syet talaga.

My only solace now is thinking that God created people like her to test us humans. So that He will be able to know how long can we stand in our faith. That in every obscurity that we got involved caused by these people, getting over with it just keep us stronger. I know sooner or later I will be fine. Now that I have an idea what's these people's purpose in my life just made me laugh. Eh wala naman pala silang kwenta sa mundo ibabaw kundi mambwisit lang hahaha. And whatever reason God has for creating them, I'm still very much thankful. Because without them life would be boring ;-)

Monday, October 6, 2008

just another "betgame" day at the office

bilisan nyo maglunch at may session tayo. Malakasan ito!! hahahahahaha!

janice bilisan mo magdistribute ng cards

Oo na nga malaki chance mo manalo

tagal mag pitch.. hmmm lahat!

smile p kau jan ayan si architect nakikipagpalit ng cards hahaha

lo dyis?

abat kinakarir!! Deadma si Engr. Bong (Engr. Bong: Kakain na lang ako)

ang laki na ng pot money!!!

actually this is done during lunch time. binibilisan lng namin kumain para umabot before 1pm hahahaha. it's not the money that matters here but the fun and the countless laughters. masaya kami pag sama sama..
wala po ako sa pictures kc obvious naman ako photographer. and another reason, wala akong pantaya hahahahahaha! un lang. walang kwentang post wala kc maisip hahahaha!

Teka Asan Ba Ang Boss Nyo??? Hahahahaha!!!

how we de-stress

Feeling ko ako lng ang piniktyuran hehehe

Ang tagal nmn ng food...

makiki food trip lang po

After BIR sent us a letter requiring us to submit our financial reports and that they will conduct an audit of our tax payments, inunahan na namin si Ms. Auditor ng BIR. We invited her for a free overnight stay at the "famous" Club Punta Fuego, all expense paid (pampadulas ba hehehe). And who the hell on earth can turn down such invitation aba naman tatanggi pa ba sila. Syempre si Ms. Auditor may-I-sama the whole family hehehe. ay chance na eh.

Eto ngaun ang siste, since it was their first time here, they will be needing a guide to tour them around the 88hectare peninsula. Eh ano pa ba magagawa ko kundi ioffer ang sarili ko, hayy naku mag iikot na naman ako. ilang beses ko an ba ginawa ito? di ko na mabilang. nakakahilo kaya. Buti na lang KC agreed to accompany me. Dalawa na kaming mahihilo hehehe.

After 30 minutes na pag iikot napagod din sina Ms. Auditor. at hindi lng daw napagod, nagugutom pa ( nagpaparinig). Anyway like what we've said libre naman sila pati food, eh di sige order lang, sky is the limit. At syempre din order din kami ni KC ng para sa amin. Alangan naman cla lng ba ang nagugutom hahahaha.

See this:

Bulalong Batangas

for dessert daw

shots of pumpkin soup

kakainin ko na itoooooooooo

can i order some more?

Where sun & sky meet...

Maybe I'm really lucky to have been working here in Punta Fuego. Walang traffic, hindi congested, walang holdaper, walang stress at higit sa lahat malapit sa family and frends. I' m not saying na dito na ako forever or dito na ako lulubugan ng araw. It's just that for the meantime let me enjoy my life here..

Facts About Punta Fuego:

Punta Fuego, meaning "point of fire", is composed of high-end residential beach front properties located at the Batangas area only a couple of hours away from Manila.

Peninsula de Punta Fuego, an 88-hectare world-class residential beach resort, was developed by Landco Pacific Corporation and Roxaco Land Corporation and was fully operational in 1999. The Punta Fuego community consists of Spanish-Mediterranean-inspired villas, a Beach Club, a Marina, a nine-hole golf course, a Country Club.

10 minutes away is Terrazas de Punta Fuego. It boasts of 800 meters of fine white sand and pristine clear waters making this the best swimming beach in Nasugbu, Batangas. The 61 hectares of prime seafront property is home to three seaside condominium projects: Amara en Terazas, The Peak and The Ridge.

Over at Calatagan Batangas is the Playa Calatagan beach community. It's the country's first tourism estate designed around a beach community. Exclusive seaside residences. Hotels. Retail stores. And a host of other shopping, dining, and entertainment venues in addition to a variety of recreational options.

Visit our community pages and experience world-class lifestyle products that dare to innovate.

Peninsula de Punta Fuego
Terrazas de Punta Fuego
Amara en Terrazas
Playa Calatagan

Looking For Something?