Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blog Makeover Contest

Harriet of I am Harriet is having a Blog Makeover Contest that will let you win a basic custom designed blog plus a matching blog button ($50 value).

How to join:
1. Visit Custom Blog Design

  1. CBD

2. Click on My Designs or on the sidebar visit one of the "Sites I've Done"
3. Leave a comment for Diana telling her which one is your favorite
4. go back to I am Harriet and leave a comment on One of her stories and on the the contest post telling her which story you commented on

Contest Ends on December 28th.

for more details, click here

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas giveaways! Two iPods and more!

Christian PF is giving away 2 iPods!

And a lot other goodies worth US$350 to be given away!

All you need to do to enter the contest is to blog about their giveaways or mention it on a Facebook or Squidoo page.

Winners will be drawn randomly.

Contest ends 29th December 2008.

For complete contest details, click here.

I won at Mommyko's Christmas Giveaway Contest

This is really great! I won at Mommykos' Christmas Giveaway Contest! Check out my prize!!

5TH PRIZE $10 + 7,700 EC--->Winner: PrettyStepDaughters
$5 - Earning Money Online
$5 - A Message From My Heart
1 Blog Template worth $29 - Website Design Services
1000 EC plus banner ads for 1 week - Kalidadis
2000 EC - Wonderful Things In Life
1000 EC - Definitely MAYBE!
1000 EC - The Joy Of Life Forever
1000 EC - My Life's Adventure
500 EC - Love's Haven
500 EC plus ad space - MeiYah/Miah Laborte
500 EC - Chica & Pumuckl
200 EC - Around the World
125x125 ad space for a month - Also Mommy
125x125 banner ad for 1 month - PriZK Dot Com

Here's the proof:

Congratulations to all!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

LP 37: Mahalagang Regalo

Wala ng hihigit pa sa halaga ng regalong ito sa aking buhay. Ang aking pamilya na laging andiyan lang sa lahat ng oras ng aking pangangailangan at nagmamahal sa akin ng tunay. Maaaring hindi nga kami perpekto sa mata ng ibang tao, pero ang pinakaimportante sa lahat ay ang pagtingin namin sa isat-isa. Kuha ang litratong ito noong Disyembre 25, 1978. Ako yung batang naka pula ng damit..

My First Ever Mizuno Sunset Run

Club Punta Fuego, Inc. in cooperation with Mizuno organized a Fuego-Mizuno Sunset Run last Friday, December 13, 2008. This was also a way of celebrating the Club's 10th Anniversary.

I'm not a runner myself though I've been taking small tracks once a week as a routine of shedding off excess weight. This was actually not "running" because it only take about 10 minutes usually from our house to my father's work back & forth (which is only 200 meters).

I'm thanking gutsy & pushy KC Binay for harrassing me to join this Sunset Run. This was her 2nd time to run, her first was in June and she finished her 3K run (combination of walk & run hehe). We came at the venue at 5:00Pm because the race was supposed to start at 5:30, but we have to wait for the other participants for a couple more minutes since this was just a small race and participants were around 60-65 only. There were five of us who registered for the 3kilometer run- Me, KC, Janice, Lorna and our Village Manager cum Friend Ramon. We're encouraging Ramon to register for the 5K since he was a runner and a soccer player but he said he's not for the competition but for making it up with KC who harrased him too to join the race. I told you, KC is so gutsy and so pushy.

Punta Fuego is hilly, slopy and mostly a lot of steep downhills, just like a roller coaster ride. We knew the route and turns because we've been jogging at Fuego whenever we wanted to. We all started in a slow pace and we don't need to push hard because as Ramon said, we're not for the race but for the fun. Anyway, after about 200 meters of running up the hills, we started to pant so I decided to slow down a bit. I walk-run-walk- walk-run.

Janice was about a few feet aheadof me so she arrived first at the turning points and was first to get water. But too bad there was only 1 left, but Janice was so kind to share with me the half and decided that we finished the race together with KC and Lorna a little short behind us. We were surprised to see Ramon finished first. Imagine that! Walang kaeffort effort yet he won first place!! And what's his prize? A brand new Mizuno Running Shoes!! Lucky guy, to think nakikipagchismisan pa siya sa standby ambulance crew while running..

After the run, there was a dinner, awarding, and a raffle. Janice was so lucky to win the grand raffle prize-an overnight stay at Club Punta Fuego Casitas. I'm lucky too to win a Gift Certificate from Mizuno worth 5 hundred pesos. I'll be claiming my prize next week I think I'll be getting a Mizuno Shirt or a cap. Now I knew my pace, maybe I should start to get serious with my running stuff. I've been planning a twice a week run to increase my stamina because I've been panting and wheezing hard during the race. And who knows, there might be another Fuego-Mizuno run in the near future, at least I will be prepared. But first I need to buy new running shoes because my feet were always sore when I'm using my old rubber shoes. We didnt finish the awarding/dinner because we have another activity to attend to, that is the Homeowners' Christmas Party, and Miss Eliza is so mainit na ang ulo dahil late na kami hehe..

Thank CPFI and Mizuno. Till next time..

with Club Punta Fuego Staff

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

too busy to post

I've been very busy these past few days that I didn't have time to write a post. There's the company's Christmas Party, there's the Mizuno Run, there's the kids' school presentation that I need to check out every mananahi for the rush rush costumes, and above all there's the monthly Board Meeting and for the first time I'm not yet prepared for my reports. Oh boy..

Anyway, there's always Stanley to give some moral support (though what I really need is some ready hands to do the typing job). He send me this video which according to him is his current favorite. It's been playing over & over in my laptop, kinda memorized the lines already haha. Here it goes, Champagne Supernova by Oasis..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

my Christmas Giveaway from Pei Profit Dot Com

here's what Ben made for me:

If you want Ben to make one for you just click here an he will be very much willing...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Get a Free Banner or Logo Design from Peiprofit

Ben Pei
from is giving away free gifts.

He is ready to do a banner or logo design for blog or website for FREE. If you need a banner to advertise your website or blog, this is the best chance to get it free. For more details just click here.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Contemporary Portrait Contest

I'm joining this contemporary portrait contest that is hosted by I'm in Culture Shock. Those who are interested, all you have to do is submit a picture of the person most dear to you that you take by yourself. Since I always love to take pictures of my kids, my youngest daughter Helen is the subject of my portrait. This was taken on her First Birthday.

Submit your entry to the host and you can win this prizes:

First prize: $20
Second prize: $10
Third prize: $5

Leave a comment with your link where you posted your entry and you need to have paypal account in order to receive a prize if you win. You can earn more chances of winning by: Blog about it, following I'm In Culture Shock blog or subscribing Janet's blog.

here's my daughters picture:

Serradinho Contest is having it’s first contest which will let you win huge EC credits, text ads, 125×125 ad spots, and many more!

How to enter:

  • Blog about the contest along with the prizes and sponsors links and link back to the contest post and receive 20 points. Mulitple blogs/websites mean multiple points.
  • Subscribe to Serradinho feed via Email and confirm your subscription and receive 7 points.
  • Sign up for some free pixels and use the same email address as in step two above and receive 8 points. Some of you might already have free pixels, that’s cool by me. Just leave your details in comment.
  • Place the contest banner on your website for the duration of the contest and receive 5 points. Just link the banner to the contest post.

125x125 banner 125x125 banner 125x125 banner
125x125 banner

Here’ the complete list of prizes:

Entrecard Credits: 5 winners will be selected
Now the Entrecard credits will be split between 5 random winners. All unique entries will be put in a hat and 5 will be pulled out, probably by a work colleague of mine. I have arranged with Entrecard to send the winners their credits from the sponsors account directly, less hassle for us all.

Text Ads: 2 winners will be selected
The text ads will just be split between 2 winners. The winners will be chosen by and the text ads will be divided equally between the 2 winners.

125×125 Banners: 5 winners will be selected
The 125×125 banners are my fav and I know everyone likes them too. You will have a chance of putting your banner on more than one website for a period of time. This is a real bargain and many will envy you. The winners will be chosen by and the banners will be divided between the 5 winners.

Main Prize: Only 1 winner will be selected
Now the main prize is the real deal. To be eligible for this prize, you will need to have all 40 points. The biggest bonus for me is the premium theme, I’m using it on and there are no complaints from me.

This contest ends on the 19th of December 2008 at 20:00 GTM+2. So go back to after the 23rd of December and check if you are one of the winners! For more detailed information, just visit the contest post here.

Holiday Blow Out-Giveaways

PinayAds Banner Contest

Musings of a Pinay Blogger is holding a Christmas contest. Well, there are a lot prizes at stake! You can win cash prizes, EC credits, ads space and many more!

1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

4th Prize

5th Prize

6th Prize

7th Prize

8th Prize

9th Prize

10th Prize

For more details, Click here. This contest ends January 6th at11:59 PM CST and winners will be announced on January 13, 2009.

I won at Simply WP Contest!!

this is so awesome!! I won at Simply WP contest! My first ever winning ! And my price? 500 EC Credits and 125×125 ad spot for 1 month from Wonderful Things In Life!

Here’s the proof of my winning

Thank you so much!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Litratong Pinoy: Eksayted!!!

Ang kaibigan ko na si Janice kasama ang mga anak ko habang sakay ng MV Diana papuntang Boracay. Ano ba't kahit ito ang una nilang pagsakay sa barko, sa halip na sila ay mangamba or matakot, sobra pa silang exited!

Sa wakas nakarating din ng Boracay! Ang ganda ganda pala ng Boracay sa bukang-liwayway! Ang puti at ang pino ng buhangin! At ang dagat, walang kaalon alon! Weeee ang sarap!!

Ang sarap magswimming! Child-Friendly talaga ang dagat.

Si Janice walang pagsidlan ng kagalakan! Parang bata na nagtampisaw sa dagat. Unang pagkakataon din kasi nya na makarating ng Bora.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blog Anniversary & Christmas Thanksgiving Contest

Pinay Mommy Online is turning one year!! And Christmas being near she opted to make it a double Celebration. And as a way of thanking all her blessings, she's giving a Blog Anniversary/Christmas Thanksgiving contest!

{Contest Mechanics}

1. (REQUIRED) Blog about the contest along with the Prizes and Sponsors links, link to using the keywords “pinay mommy blogger” and to this contest post (you can post it in multiple blogs of yours to earn more entries). - 10 entries

2. (REQUIRED) Add to your blogroll liking to “Pinay Mommy Online”. Blogrolling and LinkMeUp Scripts are not valid entries. - 5 entries

3. (REQUIRED) Add this banner to your sidebar linking it to this contest post until it ends. - 3 entries


4. (OPTIONAL) Subscribe to Pinay Mommy Online feed via Email and confirm your subscription (if you have subscribed before, you don’t get any entries but if you subscribe to my blog using a different email then you will be qualified). - 3 entries

5. (OPTIONAL) Add Pinay Mommy Online to your Technorati Favorites (if you have already added her before, you don’t get any entries but if you add my blog using a different username then you will be qualified). - 3 entries

6. (OPTIONAL) Stumble or Digg this contest post. - 3 entries per task

7. (OPTIONAL) Follow at TWITTER. – 3 entries

8. (OPTIONAL) Refer this contest to any of your friends. He/She must join this contest and should mention your name as the referrer) - 3 entries

9. (REQUIRED) You must submit your entries in the following format:

Blog Post:
Technorati Username: YourNameTechno
StubleUpon Username: YourNameStumble
Digg Username: YourNameDigg
Twitter Username: YourNameTwitter
Referred by: Name of the person who invited you.

Additional Entries can be acquired by doing additional tasks found HERE.

{Contest Prizes}


Domain Name and Hosting for One Year -
1500 EC plus $10.00 CASH VIA PAYPAL -
500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for a month - (PR3)
500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for a month - (PR3)
500 EC plus 125x125 ad space for a month - (PR3)
125x125 ad space for a month -
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125x125 ad space for a month plus $5.00 CASH VIA PAYPAL -
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500 EC plus text link ad for a month - (PR2)
Domain Name for One Year -
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2000 EC plus 125x125 ad space for a month -
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6TH PRIZE: $5.00 CASH + 3000 EC + 3 AD SPACES

1000 EC plus 125x125 ad space for a month -
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7TH PRIZE: $5.00 CASH + 2500 EC + 3 AD SPACES

1000 EC plus 125x125 ad space for a month -
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1000 EC plus 125x125 ad space for a month -
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: $5.00 CASH + 1500 EC + 2 AD SPACES

1000 EC plus 125x125 ad space for a month -
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10TH PRIZE: $5.00 CASH + 1200 EC + 2 AD SPACES
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: Highest Number of Referrals $5.00 CASH + 2000 EC + 2 AD SPACES

125x125 ad space for a month - http://pinkyposh.com2000 EC -
125x125 ad space for a month -

Note: Sponsors can join. You can post to as many blog as you want as long as it's google cached to be considered as valid entry.

My Top 10 EC Dropper - thank you so much

for my first 9 days of being an EC member, let me let me give my gratitude to all EC droppers. Thank you so much for taking the time in dropping your EC here. These are my top 10 droppers for the month of November 2008. Thank you so much guys!!

Dropper # of drops
Wonderful Things in LIfe 5
I am Harriet 4
Gas Saver 4
TechByPC 4
Memoirs Of A Certified Blogger 3
To Be, To Be. Tutubi. 3
Apa kamu berani lihat blog saya ini? 2
Nita's Random Thoughts 2
Work at Home Mom Revolution 2
Diary: Alone on Earth 2

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Starbucks and Twilight what a perfect combo

Life As I Know It.... is having a contest that will let you win $25 worth of Gift Certificate from Starbucks and a complete set of all four Twilight Saga Books.

To join, just blog about the contest and link back to her blog and leave a comment.

Winner/s will be chosen via random draw.

This contest will end until December 04, 2008. For more detailed information, just click here.

Goodluck everybody.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

That Blozzz One Year Anniversary Blog Contest

Blog Contest

That Blozzz is turning One and is having acontest that will Blozzz you away!

here are the prizes:

Grand Prize Package

Second Place Prize Package

Third Place Prize Package

Fourth Place Prize Package

Fifth Place Prize Package

Sixth Place Prize Package

Seventh Place

Eighth Place

Random Daily Drawings

There will be random drawings throughout the contest that will be either cash or Entrecard Credits. Check in Daily throughout the contest to be able to enter those. $25 cash was donated by Swastik to run these mini contests.

There will also be other Daily Prizes:

One month 125×125 Ad spot and 500 EC Credits: Indo Contest

One month 125×125 Ad spot: RapidShoots

500 EC Credits: Affiliatizer

1000 EC Credits: SEO Blog

One month 125×125 Ad spot:: Anything Goes

for more contest details please click here

good luck everyone

kaya mong tumulong

This came from Stanley as this is their company's new add campaign. Not that it helps them generate sales but it is also for the benefits of the less fortunate school kids not to mention the items are already discounted. For every purchase of the one 3-pid items (tide laundry powder, ariel laundry powder, downy fabric conditioner, joy diswashing liquid, and safeguard bath soap) a part of the sale will go the the fund that supports the daily school needs of one pupil. The campaign goes like this:

Kaya mong tumulong habang nagtitipid

Kung may lapis, kaya kong isulat ang aking mga pangarap.
Kung may crayola, kaya kong iguhit ang aking kinabukasan.
Sa Handog Edukasyon, mga gamit pampaaralan aking makakamptan. Sa tulong mo
Edukasyon ko magagampanan. Ang aking pagpupursigi, hindi masasayang dahil nandiyan ka katulong ko sa bawat hakbang.

Sa 3-pid Handog Edukasyon at GMA Kapuso Foundation, kaya mo rin tumulong. Sa bawat 3-pid na bibilhin mo, makakatulong ka nang magbigay ng school supplies sa mga batang nangangailangan, makakatipid ka pa!
Sa Handog Edukasyon, magandang kinabukasan aking makakamtan.

Friday, November 28, 2008

goodnight my angel

Everybody's talking about the movie Twilight, but nowadays, a movie ticket costs around 100 to 200 pesos. My friends knew that I finished reading the books and they're always asking me about the story that I got bored storytelling them. So I came up to an idea that if they want me to "storytell" some more, they should pay me 20 pesos hehehe. Well, what's 20 pesos compared to 160 pesos at Mall of Asia? (this 160 pesos was the rate last August 2008, I don't know what's the rate now.

Anyways, here's a video I got from Youtube, actually its a compilation of scenes but it's still nice. Thanks Kathy for sharing this to me..

let's be thankful

For the past week, I had seen and joined so many Thanksgiving contests in the net that I need to pause for a while and think of the things that myself should be thankful for.

But first I’d like to share a story that happened two weeks ago when we attended the 59th birthday party of my dad’s best friend-Uncle Edgar Villanueva. I expected it to be a blast because a day before that party my mom told me that it was a pool party. But when we arrived at the venue around 7pm, we were surprised that barely 20 guests were there. Uncle Edgar said the party was supposed to be for the closest/bestest friends only and he had only one bestfriend-My dad.

So the party went on, lots of food were prepared, lots of drinks were served and guess what, despite of the fact that liquors now are a no-no for my grumpy old dad, yet he and Uncle Edgar got drunk.

Uncle Edgar: “Minsan lang ito”
Tintin: “I’ll be watching your every shot”.

Then all of a sudden, the celebrant together with my dad had a crying portion.

Tintin: “OK folks, your turning into dramatic actors, that’s enough! Tatay let’s go home”

But my dad’s reply for me had me speechless for a moment.

Tatay: “Anak, next year we’ll be getting our senior citizen’s cards! Let us enjoy our time together, we only have a few years to live! Life now is short! Whether we like it or not, malapit na kami matigok”.

Now, not to diminish those thoughts or anything, but I thought I should like to present a list of things I'm thankful for that you might think is not normal ;-).

Feel free to add to the list in the comments should you feel the need.

Things I'm thankful for:

1. Sanitary napkins & Toilet paper (can’t imagine how my lola was able to live with pasador)

2. Seatbelts

3. Pets - dogs, cats, chickens, ducks & goats for that matter (they bring a smile to my kids’ faces like no other)

4. French Fries (they're quick and easy and taste pretty good)

5. Zippers (they’re keeping my messy things unnoticed inside my bag)

6. My refrigerator & microwave oven (always ready when hunger stikes in the middle of the night)

7. Wind Chimes (I like the sound when you flick them, making me sleepy in the afternoon)

8. My laptop & internet (for obvious reasons)

9. Videoke (it’s making my mom stay at home hehe)

10. Other fat people (its nice to know I’m not alone)

11. My kids’ Tutor (for being patient with my kids)
12. Movies!! (I’m an addict)

13. Counter Strike – (for releasing my stress)

14. KFC hot & crispy (yummy!! Ang gravy ginawang sabaw!!)
15. Music

16. Roof over my head (my new house!! Yipeee)

17. good friends that make me laugh and let me cry every now & then
18. good health – panahon ng krisis bawal magkasakit

19. Brother & Sister –(for strengthening my patience, lols, they made my childhood so much fun)

20. PARENTS (reasons I’m thankful that I’m alive!! Hey Pop, your still the handsomest, macho dad that I ever had, (though your so grumpy most of the time)so don’t hurry meeting San Pedro ok, You won't be kicking the bucket any time soon..I ‘ll be entrusting you my grandkids ...Give yourself a little more credit than that! Hey mama, we’re having a videoke marathon tomorrow so save your lungs, stop yelling at your grandkids!!)

21. MY KIDS (reasons I’m thankful that I can give life, and for the unconditional love they’re giving me, I maybe a dumb ass wife, but I bet I’m the world’s best mom!)

22. and lastly OUR HEAVENLY FATHER – for giving me all the things I am thankful for…All praises I’m giving back to you.

Mommyko Christmas Giveaways

Wonderful Things In Life

Mommy Gen of is having her Christmas Giveaway contest. Joining is so easy! Here’s how:

  1. Blog about the contest with all the Prizes and Sponsors.
  2. Subscribe to my feed via email.
  3. Put the logo contest in your post.
  4. Choose one logo for your side bar.

And the prizes?

1ST PRIZE - $35 + 16,000 EC

2ND PRIZE - $25 + 13,000 EC

3RD PRIZE - $20 + 11,000 EC

4TH PRIZE - $15 + 9,000 EC

5TH PRIZE $10 + 7,700 EC

6th PRIZE $5 + 6,000 EC

7TH PRIZE - 4,500 EC

8TH PRIZE 3,500 EC

9TH PRIZE 3,000 EC

10TH PRIZE 2,500 EC

10TH PRIZE 2,500 EC

Consolation Prizes:

Special Prizes:

The winners will be selected randomly through The contest will officially start today November 25, 2008 and ends until December 22, 2008. Mommy Gen will post the winners December 24. For more detailed information, just visit the contest post here

Looking For Something?