Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why I wanted to be a Work-At Home Mom

Tala, my youngest daughter, very sick but managed to smile after blood samples were taken.

The other day when I was preparing to go to work, my youngest daughter told me that she likes Kiara's dad more than her dad. Kiara is her classmate in her kindergarten class. I asked her why, she said, "because everyday he dropped Kiara at school in the morning and picked her up in the afternoon" then she cried and begged me no to go to work anymore. I was dumbfounded. I realized that kids grow up only once and they need more hugs and kisses because at their young age, only few of them understands why their parents need to be away to work. I regret all the important activities in the lives of my kids that I missed because I'm away. Everyday, my daughter learns new things from school. One time, I overheard her sang a very silly song that when I asked her who taught her that she said "from a neighbor's kid". I know it's hard to live on a one-income set-up instead of both parents earning. But come to think of it, the mother goes to work, earn money, then pay someone else to take care of the kids and enjoy every moment of motherhood. I think this is a matter of choice. Being a stay at home mom doesn't just stop there. there are opportunities the will let them earn and at the same time, have to enjoy the task of being a mom. I know it would not be easy at first but bear in mind that kids were kids just once.


ROSILIE said...

I pretty share your sentiments. I have been a working mom at the entire age of my kid and I see how he did poorly in school in spite that I was a teacher for a decade. I simply have to be away from parenting my kid. It's quite a frustration that now I shall opt to resign from a promising job and do parttime work and fuller time as mom. My kid was even more excited that I shall soon be unemployed. So, i guess it's worth the decision.

Dinah said...

I wish I can have that option, but it is impossible at the moment. i know I am missing a lot, everytime I am away from them to work. I try to be there during the important occasions in school, like during field trips,etc. Good thing I have a very understanding boss. said...

Hello Mommy Christina! I was a career mom before and was successfully climbing the corporate ladder. Since I got married (almost 10 years now), I wanted to become a stay at home mom but because of many financial responsibilities my dream to become one was delayed for many years. Then last February 2008, I decided to sacrifice many things just to have my dreams fulfilled.

Now, I am a stay at home mommy for one year and seven months. Our finances is not perfect as of the moment but thank God for the opportunities I found online. I was able to help out no matter how small. Though the finances is hard, its worth it all!

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