Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting ready for my new baby!

I'm on my eighth week of pregnancy and I've been experiencing contractions. These are uncomfortable but not painful tightening of the uterus. My obstetrician called it "practice contractions" or the so-called braxton hicks contractions. They are non-rhythmic and happens very unpredictably but they ease up easily. Mostly, they happen when my baby is getting so active inside my tummy or when my bladder is full. I got so worried at first because I'm afraid that I might have a pre-term labor but my doctor gave me some medications and advised me to just lay down and rest each time I'm having these contractions. But she said that if my contractions does not alleviate after I rested I should call her at once.

I'm also getting my stuff and my baby's stuff ready. This is the 4th time I'm giving birth but I'm still nervous yet exited as I was during my first. I already started with the things I have to pack and I'm almost set. Here are the things on my list. Did I miss any?

For Me:
house dress (daster) - because they are much comfortable to wear
going home outfit
maternity bra
socks - in case I got cold
bath towels/face towel
toiletries (feminine wash/toothbrush/toothpaste/facial wash/soap/shampoo )
maternity pads/adult diapers/sanitary napkins
alcohol/hand sanitizer
laundry soap/laundry powder
cellphone/charger/phone cards
camera ;)
kikay kit
mp3 player
my bag (cash/atm cards/letter from OB/ballpen)

For my baby:
2 receiving blankets
newborn diapers
3 bonnets
3 pairs mittens and socks
baby wipes
baby oil/baby soap/alcohol
cotton/cotton buds/cotton balls
going home outfit
bigkis (if still "uso")
baby clothes
baby carrier
wash cloths

For the daddy:
blanket and pillows

My father said It looks like we're moving out :) but I hope I'm not forgetting any. If you notice that I missed some stuff, please let me know :) and I would be very much thankful.

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