Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Quotes No. 1

O prince, in early youth divinely wise,
Born, the Ulysses of thy age to rise!
If to the son the father's worth descends,
O'er the wide waves success thy ways attends:
To tread the walks of death he stood prepared;
And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared.

--Homer (Book 2, lines 307-12 - The Odessey)

Actually, whether we like it or not, we are "near" to what others think of us. What just made us prove to them that they were wrong is our courage to proceed or dump our efforts. So we better stop thinking of "stopping" whenever negativity attacks. We can smash into anything we thought is negative. This is the where we can overthrow them. We just have to believe in ourselves. - my thought for the day to live by.

(taken from my previous post)

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gengen said...

this is a nice inspirational quotes for today. Thanks for joining FQ...Mine is up.

Fiona said...

My philosophy in life is very simple: you can't please everybody. Better just be yourself and find out who can accept you for who you are.

Great quote! Thanks for sharing!

Again, thank you for participating in last week's Friday Quotes. I hope you participate again :)

Happy weekend!

Btw, I already linked u up in my Blog's List for being a Friday Quotes participant =)

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