Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mar Roxas Gives Way

It was in the news yesterday that Senator Manuel "Mar" Roxas II has given up his intentions of being the standard bearer of the the Liberal Party for the 2010 presidential elections to Senator Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino III (their parents really wanted them to carry on with their names, didn't they?)

According to Roxas, "He wanted to make a difference" and "Someone needs to make a sacrifice". Although I really don't know what's the reason behind why he backed-out, still I praise him for this. I almost wanted to "boycott" the presidential election in 2010 but somehow Mar inspires me to go out and vote.

Now, even if Roxas gave way to Noynoy, it doesn't mean that It would really be Noynoy for me. He should first prove his worth. Well, it is known that Noynoy came from a family with good background. His dad might be the best president we never had and his mom is a true vision of honesty and integrity. But it doesn't end here. Noynoy must prove to the people that he can be worthy of their trust and worthy of the legacy of his parents. Maybe it's time for him to really step up and be the man. His future might be good, given the chances.

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