Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My baby is now a lady

These days, girls reach puberty early. My eldest daughter had her period just a month ago. The problem is she pretends that it's not happening. She even argued with me about it and insisted that its just "wiwi" and she still wanted to hang with her childhood. I made it sure that I did not get carried right away as I did not announce it to family and friends yet. I've been through with that too when I was a teen myself and I was too embarrassed when my mother told it to all of her friends. So this time, I'm giving respect to my daughter's privacy.

She grew rapidly that I need to buy new set of clothes for her as her old clothes does not fit her anymore. I also bought some starter bra and I let her chose because I wanted her to feel more positive on wearing it. Even her school uniforms are getting small for her that I need to order few sets again.

Menstruation cycles are unpredictable so I made it sure again that he has sanitary napkins in her school bag in case she had it in school.

I don't want to rush her to be mature. If only I can stop her from growing up I will. I still wanted her to be my baby. But I know this is impossible. Time will come that she will decide on her own, motivate herself, have her own set of goals, and be irritated if I continue doing these things for her. But If she needs assistance and guidance, I will make it sure that I'm there for her.

(Am I making things so sure?- Yaiks! Another obsessive-compulsive disorder attack!)


momgen said...

You right of your decision not to tell anybody at least you gain a respect from your daughter and that is important...

Chris said...

i cant imagine when my little girl becomes not so little anymore :(

A Mom's Choice said...

Maybe you could tell her she doesn't have to give up her childhood. Make it a positive thing for her. You didn't say how old she was. We all deal with it different. Ask her why she's so afraid. Often times kids are afraid of the "real" world, heck it's scary for adults. My daughter wanted it, but now she hates it and so do I the week before, we all want pack our bags.

Mee mOe said...

I have 3 grow up daughters (27, 12, and 19), been through the stages with all of them while being a single parent, its hard, but I found out that as long as you continue to talk with them, even if sometimes they seem they aren't listening, continue to talk and try to get them to open up and talk freely about everything. They will eventually open up, all three did with me...good luck and God Bless !!!

Juliet said...

Hi cristina, sorry for the late reply. i just added your link to my blog roll.

have a nice day!

chubskulit said...

awwwww the girl is now a lady, cant wait till my daughter will reach that stage..

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