Friday, September 25, 2009

Experiencing Job Burnout?

Your have a great knowledge about your work and your skills are still in one piece, yet you do not have the will to perform. You feel drained even in the first few hours of work. You feel empty, your motivation gets low and you do not wish to go to work the next day.


Burnout is the dissatisfaction that you feel when your motivation is gone. When motivation vanished, we burn out. I can also be called job depression.

Prone to Burnout?

Managers, supervisors, those that work under pressure, those that work with recurring and monotonous works, those that works involve dealing and serving people. In other words, everyone, any profession, can be a nominee for job burnout.

Warning Signs

When more often than usual you become hostile at people within your work premises, you feel tired even in the first few hours you’ve been working, you feel frustrated about your work, you are depressed, and you tend to avail sick leaves so often, then maybe you are experiencing job burnout. Other indications that go along with these symptoms are weakening job performance, interpersonal problems, absenteeism, and having a “So what/Why bother” attitude.


When you did all your best yet you still lack positive rewards like praises from you boss, salary increase, promotions, and acknowledgements, you tend to feel bad towards people around you. You feel you don’t have any valid suggestions and you don’t have any influence or any power at all. In short, you don’t believe in yourself anymore.

What Can You Do About It

Manage yourself properly as it can boost your personal power. If you think you can’t do it yourself, you can get help from self-management skills training offered by some groups or institutions. You can also acknowledge yourself for a great work done in case you earn nothing from an unresponsive work environment. There are so many things you can do to give rewards to yourself.

It came a time that you entered a situation and yet you’re not ready for it. This time you need to develop your skills and increase your capabilities. You need to learn more as it will boost your self-confidence to embark upon new challenges handed on to you.

You can also ask for support and advise from family and true friends as they can become you guide and holding area or even shock absorbers. When you have them, you can count on them to help you think things over and get things done. You can have someone to lean on and for sure they can really be of great help.

However, when you tried all of these and nothing happens, maybe the best solution I to change job. If you are unsatisfied with your current job, you are free to quit and look for another. But be aware that the next job that will come along can be even worst.

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