Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm big as a whale!

I'm on my eighth month of pregnancy and still a month to go and I feel I'm big as a whale! My maternity clothes hardly fit my bloated body. With a month to go, I don't think I need to buy some more maternity clothes. My feet are swollen that I need to buy a new set of slippers one size higher. My hands are swollen and my wrist is aching. And my nose! Ughh! I felt disgusted whenever I look at the mirror. My doctor said it's normal that my body retain some fluids since it will help support the extra blood volume that I will need when the big day comes. I had been pregnant three times with girls and this is my fourth pregnancy and this time I'm having a boy. And it's really different this time. I had so many pregnancy discomforts that I'm thankful that my doctor hasn't been impatient with me. I had these discomforts during my past pregnancies but much worst now. Here are some of them and the remedies I did to lessen the discomfort.

Swelling – drink more water, elevate feet and hands, get plenty of rest, and wear loose clothes.

Heartburn – eat smaller but frequent meals, minimize intake of the food that’s making me ill, pelvic rocking as it moves the uterus thus giving the body enough room for digestion.

Sleepless nights – use lots of pillows to support body and legs, sleep on the side as it pulls the uterus in a better position, sleep in couches or elevate the head with pillows.

Baby Moving – if baby’s kicks become uncomfortable, try some pelvic rocking of walking as according to some theory, mom’s movement rocks baby to sleep.

Discharge – wear loose clothing around the crotch, wear panty liners, and try cleansing as often as possible.

Skin Darkening – skin darkening will go away after the baby is born but to minimize them, stay away from the sun as it will make the skin darker.

Shortness of breath – do some deep breathing to get more oxygen.

Weight Gain – as gaining additional weight is needed by the body to support the baby, instead on worrying on how much weight you are gaining, focus on eating healthy food. Do not invest on too many maternity clothes. A pair or two is good or just borrow from friends. After all, time flies fast before you know it, your big day is here.

On the eighth month of pregnancy, we became a pro, adjusting well on the hardship on fashion and lifestyle changes and the physical changes that the baby and our belly had put into our lives. But don’t worry; it’s not much longer now.


chubskulit said...

aww i feel bad for ya, I never had edema during my pregnancies but I've seen some mommies who did and by just the look of it, it is miserable. Anyhow, its worth it naman, paglabas ni baby sobrang saya. Are you having a boy or a girl? salamat sa visit!

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Mee mOe said...

I still remember those days, my last pregnancy I weighed 183, that's when I decided it was my last, she wasn't even that big, I was an elephant...lol, hang in there...thanks for visiting my site !!!

Cali-delights said...

Overall, congratulations on your pregnancy. Just think that in two months you will see the finish line.

Dinah said...

he he he. worth it naman yan for sure. your first son :-)

Sheress said...

Congratulations to you! I have four children as well and the first three are girls and my last is my boy. I do agree that my little Prince left me feeling well let's just say way under the weather. The pregnancy was totaly different from my little Pricess, Spider Monkey and My Charm. But I will say I was amazed and in aww when he made his arrival. I still am and he bring me to tears when I see him laying on me. He's now 5 and has started Kindergarten. Boy I can't believe I just let it all go. See what happens when I hear the words 3girls and a boy lol. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy or at least try to. You are almost there.

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