Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August 2009 Top Ten EC Droppers

It's just been a month since I signed up again with entrecard. I would like to thank all the EC droppers who took time in visiting and dropping their EC's here.

To those who dropped ECs and left some thoughts, thank you so much more.

And to those who made it to the Top Ten, this post it for you guys! Cheers!

My Life's Adventure : Mommy Work At Home : You Can Work At HomeOkay Ukay. Halo-Halong Kalamay : Nita's Corner : Chuchie's Hideaway : chuchie, hideaway, everyday life
Unlikely Oilfield Wife : C'est La Vie : The blog of a full-time college student and single mother.Isker's Blog :


(whose badges I can't copy here)

Thanks a lot guys! I Hope to see you again.

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