Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This Farmville Thing

It was 2 years ago that I started playing this game in Facebook. I was one of the early users that played this game when it was first available. I even used my paypal cash in buying game coins. In the beginning it was so addictive. I even used the chickens as fences and lined then one by one .Even the graphics are so cool that the plots looked like graham crackers. There were “arborists”, “farmhands” and “combine” that I need to harvest each tree and animal and tend each crop one by one. Then I began to dislike it.

It was when they started to ask for a certain amount of cash/coins when they offered something new like a new building or a new decoration. At first, I worked hard in my farm just to save some coins to buy these decorations then they began selling this “mansion” that costs 5,000,000 coins! Now it’s impossible for me to get such thing unless I used my paypal again but of course, no way I’m gonna touch my paypal again! It’s hard-earned money that’s in there.

Another thing, the graphics slowed down my computer and I found out that my CPU usage goes up to 80% and it always, always kills my browser although I am using Google Chrome. I needed to click that “refresh” button just to deal with this “losing internet connection thing” and it’s stressing me up!.  And besides, recent studies showed that most employees are spending an average of 68 minutes each day in playing Farmville (yes, I am one of them). The only remedy that companies did to stop the employees to play Farmville was restricting Facebook.

If you have lots of neighbors that are giving you gifts then you don’t need to buy these from the market. If not, you need to use money to acquire them or you won’t be able to level up. Anyways, I therefore concluded that if there weren’t enough goods reasons to continue playing Farmville, you can say goodbye to this addiction. Just quit.


Dinah said...


the diary said...

I like to play Farmville, but I prefer to play pet society :)

Choc Mint Girl said...

Ah yes... FV slowed down my browser and sometimes it crashed. I didn't play FV for few months already, but I haven't totally quit hehe... Now, I'm more into baking in FB heeheee...

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