Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A week ago, my niece Patricia was rushed to a public hospital because of severe abdominal pain. At the hospital, the doctors gave her antacids then sent her home because according to them, it’s just “kabag”. At home, my niece still complained of continuous pain, this time accompanied by back aches, fever, and frequent vomiting. Her abdomen had bloated and she lost appetite. The pain got aggravated even with a simple body movement.  Then last Saturday we rushed her again, to a private hospital because she can’t walk anymore and the pain intensified. We get to see a pediatrician and advised us that my niece should undergo Ultrasound. And from the ultrasound, we found out that my niece’s appendix had burst - a week ago.

Upon hearing what the pediatrician said. We we’re all shocked. My sister even collapsed. Surgery was made at once since it’s the only treatment for appendicitis. A large incision was made on my niece’s abdomen. Appendix burst surgery is complicated. According to the surgeon that made it, an appendiceal abscess is formed surrounding the appendix which had been full of pus. They drained the pus first by inserting a drainage tube through the abdominal wall. It was needed before the surgery was made to empty the pus from the belly. Then large doses of antibiotics were given to treat the infection inside the abdomen. The incision was kept open to heal up the infection completely. We were all relieved when the surgeon said that my niece is now safe and we should not worry anymore. She just needed to be confined for a week more to ensure that all the bacteria inside her abdomen have been killed.  After our talk with the surgeon, I cried.

Burst appendix is really a very, very serious health condition that we cannot afford to ignore. Once you find that any of your loved ones is experiencing similar symptoms which my niece had, it is essential that a thorough medical attention and quick diagnosis should be given. Burst appendix if left alone can lead to a much worst condition I cannot imagine.

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