Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Helping kids battle exams

I didn’t’ go to preschool. I went straight to grade 1. Maybe that’s the way it was.  Preschool are just for well-off kids. I remember my sister when she was five she just went “saling-pusa”. “Saling-pusa” was like preparing the kid for grade school. The kid will “seat-in” a grade 1 class for free provided that the kid will enroll with that class when he or she turns grade 1.  And life was so easy. Just do your assignments and you’re done. You didn’t need to review. Unlike now...

I have one daughter who’s in preparatory and one in grade 6 and this week is their quarterly exam week. And I’m so occupied with the task of preparing their reviewer! And it’s a very unpleasant rite for me. It’s like I’m back to elementary days. A few months ago, I found a way of encouraging them to do well on the tests especially my 6-year old daughter. I made studying rewarding. Whenever they got perfect score, I give them money to buy from their school canteen. So far it was the best motivation for them because I don’t give them money as “baon”. I give them snacks and this is their best chance to get money from me. If they got a score of 10 out of 10, I give them 10 pesos, if it’s 15 out of 15, its 15 pesos for them. Whatever the score provided it’s a perfect score. And it’s working. Almost everyday they’re giving me perfect seat works, perfect assignments and perfect quizzes. And as promised, I gave them money but with the condition that they will only buy from the school canteen since they’re not selling junk foods.

Remember that our children need parental involvement and we should be pro-active in helping them study. We can help them underline the important parts of their notes, we can also give quick and short quizzes based upon those notes, and we can also teach them how to make their own reviewers. I believe the being involved in our children’s study habits will benefit them for years to come

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