Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Buying a new car

The company I’ve been working is planning to buy another car to be used as service vehicle of staff. As the accountant I was tasked to check with different car companies the requirements that need to be met. I found out that buying or loaning a new car requires owners to have instant car insurance quotes.  Some car companies give free car insurance quotes while you shop around for a new car. Though these help you decide which model to buy, car insurance premiums vary depending upon which car model is purchased. Our company’s existing cars have car insurances that were updated by our agent. We were also advised that it is better to purchase the new car from the same car company where we got the other cars since we can receive discounts. But aside from the discounts that we can get, I’ve been also checking in the injury liability limits. I’m not so familiar with cars and free auto insurance quotes but I knew that when involved in an accident and you do not have enough this liability limits, the lawyers of the other party can go after you that you and obligate you to pay for all of the damages. Glad I stumble upon these cheap car insurance quotes. I’ll be able to get additional ideas on how to get car insurance. There are really so much factors to be considered in buying a new car. Of course if I ever get to have my own car I’ll get a car insurance too as it’s for my own good.

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