Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Open Letter To My Son

My Ever Dearest Mochi,

Happy 1st Birthday! I hope you’re enjoying eating your jellies and not pulling-out your sisters’ hairs. I write this in the year 2010 and by the time you read and understand this, I may be gone because life is just too short. And when I’m gone, your sisters will be taking care of you. Don’t worry; they would because they promised me.

A year has passed since the first time I saw your little face. After a series of miscarriages and anticipation, you finally arrived in my life and from then on, everything’s changed. I had mixed emotions when I first held you in my arms. You awakened in me a kind of feeling that’s so weird, so new. A different kind of love that so different from the love I felt for your sisters.

Like any other parent wanting the best for their child, I want the best for you and I want you to be the best son everyone have ever had. I wanted to teach you all the lessons that I had in my life. Life has so much to offer to you. What your mind can think, your body can do. With the power of mind and willpower, you can get wherever you want to be. We may have misunderstandings and I might spank you every once in a while. But that won’t mean I’ll love you any less. I love you and I just want you to be on the right track.

I know it would be unfair if I demand you to be what I want you to be because I knew you have dreams of your own. Though not all of your dreams can be fulfilled, I still want you to continue dreaming and continue doing what you love doing and what drives you. But if you think that you want to become what I became, I just hope that you learn from the mistakes that I have made.  No matter what professions you choose make sure you feel passionate about it and that it makes you happy.

It will come a time that you will start liking girls and when it comes to girls, be kind to them. Don’t be arrogant and conceited. And don’t ever, ever be abusive of them.  Respect them like the way you’re going to respect your sisters.

Then you’ll have your own set of barkada. I have absolutely nothing against it. But I don’t want you to do silly and stupid things. I’ll know and I’ll be watching you.

As I write this and am slowly forming the kind of person that I want you to be, there you are sleeping like an angel. You see, in spite of being up all night, frequent diaper changes, colic, and you biting my shoulders, you’ll always be my perfect son born in an imperfect world.

I love you so much.



I hope you are not going to think your name is stupid.


Dinah said...

aww,this is so sweet :-)
Mochi is too cute! paglaki nyan. lagot ka. pero kung yung anak nga ni Kris Aquino e, Bimby! he he

nurseabie said...

Wow! So touching mommy chris. tC always.

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