Friday, October 29, 2010

My daughter wants to be a nurse

My youngest daughter Tala wanted to be a nurse like her Aunt Star. When she was three years old, Star gave her a miniature scrub uniform or uniform scrubs that was similar to the one Star has been using at her work at Capitol Medical Center. The nursing uniforms were pink in color and have Spongebob drawings. According to Star, that’s her pedia ward uniform. My daughter got it in her head that she should be a nurse also and though she outgrown her miniature scrub uniform, she still uses it every now and then. She said she wants to be a nurse because she wants to take care of me when I’m old.

It’s tough to be a parent of a child with a very early career aspiration. I had kept all of Star’s nurse’s books hoping that my daughter will be able to use it someday. I imagined myself saving money for the expensive costs of sending a child to a nurse’s school.   I just laugh on the thought I am starting to worry yet she still has a long way to go before she can be a nurse and be able to wear women’s scrub, scrubs for women or women’s scrub as she was still in pre-school! But if you knew her, you’d learn that no matter the age you are, a career aspiration is a career aspiration. But for now, Star said she will be giving Tala again another set of mini scrub uniforms as she was assigned in another department and she will no longer use the old ones. I guess its going to be green scrubs. 

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imriz said...

long way to gooo, maybe tuition cost of nursing schools by then will be 500% increased. well, it's better to plan early...
tnx sis.

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