Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Taste of Zong

After our coordination meeting last Thursday, we agreed to treat ourselves to a better lunch. My lady boss insisted to go somewhere exceptional since its payday the next day. Since we’re about to meet another boss at The Fort, we opted to stop over there and look for the best restaurants. Then we ended up finding one of the finest Chinese restaurants - Zong.

Unlike other Chinese Restaurants, Zong seems to be more. At first I mistook it as a Japanese restaurant because of the Zen-like interiors. When the attendant handed me the menu, I searched for the typical foods that are normally served by Chinese restaurant and I was surprised that they don’t serve beef mami or siomai. Since I know nothing about Chinese food and I don’t like Chinese food much, I let my boss do the ordering.

And we had the Yang Chow rice, a lot better version that any Yang Chows out there. The shrimp bits, egg strips and toasted garlic toppings were remarkable.

 Yang Chow

Hotpot of Eggplant - Slow simmered eggplant and minced pork topped off with fresh scallions. I never tasted eggplant this good. It actually tasted like pork!

 Hotpot of Eggplant 

Malaysian-Style String Beans -Sautéed string beans and minced meat, a Zong classic they say. The texture of the string beans was just right. And it has the spicy, tangy flavor that I like.

 Malaysian-Style String Beans

Roasted Suckling Pig-A Zong signature, open flame roasted, prepared fresh daily. The meat is so tender and so crispy that I ate almost half of the serving!

 Roasted Suckling Pig

Zong’s dishes were almost salt-free and totally MSG free. Compared to other restaurants, Zong is a little cheaper but what I don’t like is that the servings are so little that it only occupied one-third of the plate!

On the whole, though I won’t be spending my money again on Zong, I’ll give it 5 stars since the taste of their food is really good, the prices are rational, and the ambiance is relaxed. 


anne said...

Yummy Foods, sigh we dont have zong here by the way about the ex links just tell me if your done adding me so I could add you too thanks

Choc Mint Girl said...

Droolz... lol... all those food make me hungry! :-D

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