Thursday, October 2, 2008

today and yesterday

With so much things to do at the office today I could not afford to continue blogging. Sangkatutak ba naman ang trabaho sa office pagdating sa bahay ganun din! Yesterday I reported for work to make up for the deadlines then double pay pa kasi holiday nga. Gusto ko pa naman mag chill sa house. watch the movies I missed watching. eat baked mac. play with the kids. Kaso I need to report for work talaga grrrrrr. Hayyy baka isipin ng mga tao nagpapayaman ako ng todo hehehe. How I wish. Anyway, what if one day magkatotoo nga na yumaman ako. Ano kaya gagawin ko? If I would be good siguro I would share my riches to the people I love. My relatives, my closests friends, or magtayo kaya ako ng foundation. But what if I would be bad and bitchy? Shopping here & there. Nightlife. Or i-casino the rest of the money hehehe. Or elope with the one I've been dreaming to spend my life with. Nyaakkkksss. Ay ang sama sama pala. Ewan ayoko tuloy yumaman..

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