Monday, September 29, 2008

rain rain go away

Today, upon serving breakfast, my daughters were singing "rain rain go away" and I found myself singing with them, and I was so carried-away. "come again another day-come again another day". Our singing became a chant now. I even pictured myself as Sarah Geronimo in the movie Special Love doing the sun dance.

Hindi naman ako galit sa ulan. Actually, the first song that I taught my youngest daughter is "Basang Basa sa Ulan" by the Aegis and my daughter is scoring 89 at our karaoke when I can hardly score 83 hahaha. I also knew that ulan is good for mother earth, it is also the nature's way of filtering the air. Tapos, if there's typhoon, of course, not just classes are suspended but sometimes even works too, then it's so sarap to eat champorado and tuyo and sarap also to cuddle in bed with the kids habang bumabagyo (c'mon Mikah give that unan to Tala, that's hers!)

Kaso lang sometimes ulan is so LABO talaga. (I'm sorry ulan, it's not you, It's me.) Cge its ok for you to come, but please not now, cguro some other time na lang, bsta not now kc schedule ng buhos ng flooring ng house renovation ko pano na titigas ung semento wahhhhhh. Now i'm starting to sing "Sunshine, my only sunshine". But wait, uyy tumitila na!!! Yipeee. I hope the sun will shine in all its glory in the next few hours. If not, lagot na, my target date for the house renovation to finish will be moved from October 15 to Oct 16, which means another 1,600 will add up to the labor cost. Eh pano kung umulan bukas, at sa isang bukas, at sa isa pang bukas?? hayyyyy. C'mon kids lets do the sundance.

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