Thursday, October 30, 2008

how should I tell the kids

Last July, a neighbor gave my kids a puppy. We named him Nico. But since the kids had not yet learned how to take care of a puppy, we gave Nico away, as a Birthday gift to our driver-kuya-bodyguard-jack of all trades-Kuya Nomer. My kids understand why we need to give Nico away. Baka kasi kagatin si Tala pag pinanggigilan nya ang puppy. Hindi naman kami nagkamali on giving Nico to Kuya Nomer. Nico was well taken care of. Spoiled pa nga. We just asked Nomer to bring Nico over pag namimiss ng mga bata. Mika even said "Kuya Nomer, habilin lang si Nico ha, isosoli mo yan pag malaki na".

But last tuesday Nomer called, he said Nico is sick. I advised him to go to a veterinarian so he will know what's making Nico sick. He said later in the afternoon after work na lang. But it was too late na. Nico died.

When I got to see Nomer the next day, he cried when he told me what really happened. He said that never in his life he had taken care and loved a dog this much. Nomer is an orphan and is living alone. So even if I told him "Cheer up, It was just a dog!", I still understand his feelings.

Ayoko na talaga sana magsulat ng senti, kaso lang ewan ko ba ayaw ako tantanan ng mga kasentihan.

And to enlighten Kuya Nomer's feelings, I just told him, next time we'll give him a cat instead kasi 9 ang buhay.

My problem now is how to tell my kids. Kanina lang umaga they asked me to borrow Nico again. Hayyyy

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