Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why I don’t hate Coldplay

Some news are written about them saying that they are too ambitious enough to ever say that they are one of the world’s top rock bands. They made no secret of its desire to topple U2. U2 is a great, great thing and if Coldplay is going to do something, they might as well do something great. And in aiming for anything, they might as well aim for the best. There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious.

The New York Daily News criticized its concerts as dull because of a concentration of slow-moving songs. Coldplay took this criticism to heart though they still sing the same songs, they been trying to change the set of their concerts.

The lead vocalist Chris Martin attributes to his tabloid fame as Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband. Some said that Coldplay will not be “Coldplay” if Martin didn’t ask Gwyneth to marry him. But please spare the guy. Is he not-so-good-looking enough? As in walang dating? Is it his hair? Or just maybe he’s not so masculine to be called a rock star.

Whatever they are going through publicly is natural. Sa tagalog man, ang punong pinupukol ay yaong punong hitik sa bunga. Universally applicable pala ito. Akala ko Pinoy lang ang may ganitong mentality.

People can’t say that Coldplay didn’t work hard or didn’t try hard. If people don’t like Coldplay, then they don’t like Coldplay. Nothing can be done about that. Anyway, with some 20 million albums sold worldwide, it is clear Coldplay has its own share of fans.

Here’s a Coldplay song which has become one of my favorites. Just let me know if I’m wrong with what I think of Coldplay.

Viva La Vida

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