Monday, October 6, 2008

makiki food trip lang po

After BIR sent us a letter requiring us to submit our financial reports and that they will conduct an audit of our tax payments, inunahan na namin si Ms. Auditor ng BIR. We invited her for a free overnight stay at the "famous" Club Punta Fuego, all expense paid (pampadulas ba hehehe). And who the hell on earth can turn down such invitation aba naman tatanggi pa ba sila. Syempre si Ms. Auditor may-I-sama the whole family hehehe. ay chance na eh.

Eto ngaun ang siste, since it was their first time here, they will be needing a guide to tour them around the 88hectare peninsula. Eh ano pa ba magagawa ko kundi ioffer ang sarili ko, hayy naku mag iikot na naman ako. ilang beses ko an ba ginawa ito? di ko na mabilang. nakakahilo kaya. Buti na lang KC agreed to accompany me. Dalawa na kaming mahihilo hehehe.

After 30 minutes na pag iikot napagod din sina Ms. Auditor. at hindi lng daw napagod, nagugutom pa ( nagpaparinig). Anyway like what we've said libre naman sila pati food, eh di sige order lang, sky is the limit. At syempre din order din kami ni KC ng para sa amin. Alangan naman cla lng ba ang nagugutom hahahaha.

See this:

Bulalong Batangas

for dessert daw

shots of pumpkin soup

kakainin ko na itoooooooooo

can i order some more?

Where sun & sky meet...

Maybe I'm really lucky to have been working here in Punta Fuego. Walang traffic, hindi congested, walang holdaper, walang stress at higit sa lahat malapit sa family and frends. I' m not saying na dito na ako forever or dito na ako lulubugan ng araw. It's just that for the meantime let me enjoy my life here..

Facts About Punta Fuego:

Punta Fuego, meaning "point of fire", is composed of high-end residential beach front properties located at the Batangas area only a couple of hours away from Manila.

Peninsula de Punta Fuego, an 88-hectare world-class residential beach resort, was developed by Landco Pacific Corporation and Roxaco Land Corporation and was fully operational in 1999. The Punta Fuego community consists of Spanish-Mediterranean-inspired villas, a Beach Club, a Marina, a nine-hole golf course, a Country Club.

10 minutes away is Terrazas de Punta Fuego. It boasts of 800 meters of fine white sand and pristine clear waters making this the best swimming beach in Nasugbu, Batangas. The 61 hectares of prime seafront property is home to three seaside condominium projects: Amara en Terazas, The Peak and The Ridge.

Over at Calatagan Batangas is the Playa Calatagan beach community. It's the country's first tourism estate designed around a beach community. Exclusive seaside residences. Hotels. Retail stores. And a host of other shopping, dining, and entertainment venues in addition to a variety of recreational options.

Visit our community pages and experience world-class lifestyle products that dare to innovate.

Peninsula de Punta Fuego
Terrazas de Punta Fuego
Amara en Terrazas
Playa Calatagan

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