Tuesday, October 14, 2008

not always a boss' day

If our boss can always get a Bosses Day, then it's only fair and appropriate that we, the employees, gets a day in our honor. How about an Employees Day?? Yippeeeeeee!!!!! Hep-Hep??!! Hurray!!!!

We not allowed to be in one team, so group picture na lang!! Say chess!!!

can't go on with pictures without a "peace sign" ;-)

palakihan ng butas ng ilong hahahaha!!

with or without egg?

kc's been shreked

duda ako sa sorbeterong ito...hmm

hello chef mikel? there's too too much salt on your lugaw!

models ng pamintang durog

bakit ung sa akin walang egg?huhuhuhuhu

fun! fun! fun!

patitigasin muna bago
ipasok- ang sinulid hahaha

cge hataw!!!

sinong sikat? sikat ako!!

red team

with Aga- Agapito hahaha

pink sisters

For some time, we, employees, although we never admit, tried a lots of things just to make our work fun. We tried playing music on our windows media player (with Janice, she uses I-tunes--naksss hayteks), or we tried to have group lunches in the afternoon, or having to celebrate birthdays inside the office every now & then, or arranging sports activities after work. But whatever crazy things we try, it loses its novelty after a while and we get tired of it. Surely it helps-temporarily. Yeah-they're good now but then to bring your office alive, management should give people a chance to have some fun together, add a human face to your management style, and as another way to show people that you care about them. Thanks to the yearly "Employees Day" (yahoooooo!) Samantalahin na ito! Libre food & libre to go wild sa dance floor(that's where we're good at hehe). Fun Fun Fun! We get to see employees that we only knew by name (and voice through phone). Don't think of scheduling for a vacation leave-that's not possible.

See yah all folks next year!!!

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