Tuesday, October 21, 2008

diary of a broken heart

Mylene inspired me to do this.

We're just acquaintances. Workmates for that matter, got to see each other almost everyday, bump into each other from time to time when going in and out of the village. But I haven't got any chance of knowing her personally. Honestly, my impression for her was she's maldita, supladita, and a total bitch. Not until lately. Thanks to the employees' day when she was looking for a song to match their dance number and had Ian helped her fix it.

She's fat. She admitted it. No problem with that. But she's pretty. I may be laitera, but when I said that she's pretty, I'm betting my whole month salary to prove that what I'm saying is true. But it's human nature to judge a person by what they saw with their bare eyes, and sadly, I am no exception to that rule before.

When I got the chance to be with her, talk to her, hear her views, her frustrations, I realized that the real bitch in the story is me. Being so judgemental, and from the impressions I got with what I hear, I was blind enough to see the real person/problem inside the fat girl.

And you know what's the real thing? Simple. She just wants to be loved. Simple yet difficult for narrow-minded people to understand. As our conversation goes, I cannot imagine how many times that her heart got broken, and how many tons of tears she cried. I thought that in listing down the times a person got broken hearted I would won, but I was wrong. Nothing compares to the agony and pain that this girl has gone through. And once a person is broken hearted, no advice given would make it feel better. It's true that time heals all wounds. But it's the length of time that matters. It might take weeks, months, or even years for a person to be able to say that she had moved on.

Anyway, she's a bubbly, happy person on the outside, maybe that's why she's always misconcepted. Good in hiding her feelings. But give her a bottle of beer and she'll spill out. In a matter of a week of talking with her, I came to know her. And I really feel bad about myself for being so hypercritical of her.

We're doing good now. In fact we agreed on going out from time to time, mostly on saturday nights for a bonding session. And I made her a promise to help her look for a prince charming. Khit na by kissing frogs with the anticipation that it will turn into a handsome prince for her to live happily ever after.

Ay I don't wanna continue writing na. Nasesenti lng ako.

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