Friday, October 31, 2008

finding kenya

Last night, I found a black puppy on the street, alone, wet, and dirty...

At first I thought it was just a piece of rug and I need to take a closer look just to be sure what was it really. Then a wide-eyed, innocent and pleading puppy melted my heart, inspiring me to take it in.

I felt ironic, yesterday we were mourning over Nico's death, and now heaven sent something that will enlighten us up

She’s so tiny and as I lift her, she's so light and I felt her ribs but besides that, she’s very friendly and sweet. I'm assuming she’s been lost for a while since she’s so skinny.

I called Nomer at once to tell him what I found, although he hesitated on keeping a puppy again, still, he came over to get "Kenya"- that's the name Nomer chose for she's as black as the night.

Right now she’s staying in their garage which Nomer had put a little shoe box where she could sleep. Kenya is not just sweet, she is also nice, doesn't whimp so nobody's bothered at night.

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