Monday, November 3, 2008

witches and demons unite

An annual Halloween Trick-or-Treat event for children under 12, was held last Friday, October 31st, at Punta Fuego Village Reception area.This ever-popular event was made possible in cooperation with Club Punta Fuego.

As usual, decorated village houses take center stage and there are plenty of hair-raising goblins and grizzly old witches lurking around for games, candies, and fun.

Tala & Mikah had a pretty good time trick-or-treating. They were surprised to receive several full-sized candies (which I promised not to steal). This year Mikah was dressed as a little devil, and Tala as a witch - both incredibly adorable.

trying hard to give the venue a scary look. Lorna blew so many balloons manually, wonder where she got all that air hahaha...

our guests- SPED children

scariest costume contestants (nah, I'm not one of them hehe) you will agree for sure if I say that Liberty won..

waiting for the goodies. Kids, patience is a virtue, afterall this is our first stop.

and the winners are..

a special child gave a beautiful song which left as all teary-eyed.

who's the scariest of them all? ;D

hey you copied my look!!!

presenting the Fuego ghouls ang ghoulies!!!

witchy Tala. Lola Ninang said it should have been snow white. Well, maybe next year..

matching face paint for Ate. Hesitant at first, but little sis was blessed with convincing powers. charisma, I think..

what a haul! Though the girls promised not to eat them, man, I still have a motherly heart! I let them have a few, at least 2 candies a day. I guess it would take them two weeks to empty the pumpkins hehe

And that’s our Halloween Wrap. Hope yours was fabulous as well.

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