Monday, October 31, 2011

Urban Clothing

When I heard the online brand name Matix Clothing, I search for it and found out that it has become a source of the basic surf style clothing. From board shorts to jeans, t-shirts, beanies, belts, and wallets, Matix has been steadily bringing us the newest and hottest styles of outfits.

Matix Clothing was founded by pro skateboarders Daewon Song and Tim Gavin and later on it has expanded and aside from providing fashionable wear, it brings us the lowest prices on the web for sporting goods, sunglasses and much more – shipping is free for items over $25!

One of the most popular styles of clothing nowadays is the urban style. I love the urban style because it depends on how you preferred to look. A simple shirt paired with welder pants and accessorized with a beanie and you’re all set. And as Christmas is past approaching, I’ve been taking into account Matix clothes and planning to shop for a black scrimmage tank for my dad. I don’t know, but my old dad had developed a fad for urban clothing. A second childhood maybe?  lol.

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