Friday, October 28, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Giving thanks means letting the world know you don’t entertain negativity in your life and you are more positive of showing your gratitude of what life offers to you. If you think of negative thoughts, you will just continue bringing negative thoughts to your life. But if you start finding ways on how to be thankful, you will see a world of possibilities.
When I started this practice of finding ways to be thankful, the more blessings came pouring in. More reasons to be thankful started showing up and I began to enjoy life more.

Though I’m a bit late again, here’s my top 10:
  1. My son’s 2nd Birthday!
  2. My daughter Helenia for making it top 8 this quarter when last quarter she’s top 10
  3. My eldest daughter Mikaela for learning how to cook and for waking up early everyday
  4. Smart for giving me free gold ticket for the Black Eyed Peas concert,
  5. Free overnight accommodation at Traders Hotel
  6. A bundle of chocolates from Mrs. Guericke,
  7. My FB friends who helped me by liking the Snickers’ site, because of them I got 8 Snickers,
  8. Colgate for sending me freebies,
  9. For winning at Ramsign House Number Giveaway,
  10. Finishing my Helenia’s “Tomb Raider” trick or treat costume.

Click here on how it all started. Happiness everyone!

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Dinah said...

wow, daming blessings ;-p more reasons to be thankful!!

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