Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

I’ve been busy with work yesterday that I never had a chance to make a Wednesday Happy Thoughts Post. I planned to make it when I got home but too bad I left my laptop in the office. But still nothing can stop me from counting my joys and forget all my troubles. I believe that life has a lot of happiness in store for me. But it doesn’t mean that everything in my life is perfect, it’s just that I’ve decided to look beyond life’s imperfections. Here’s what gave me happiness this past week:

1.       I finished painting the kid’s room pink, beautifully!
2.       I won Bubble White Board Magnets at Doozedad!
3.       Stanley’s sister Star gave me lots of gifts from Qatar plus cash! I love you star!
4.       Stanley took us to hear mass last Sunday, for the first time! Thank God!
5.       The chance of visiting La Union again
6.       Free lunches at my boss’ house 
7.       Purple nail polish!
8.       The opportunity of having our own business, oh yeah!
9.       The thought of having my own car too soon!
10.   900gms of Appeton for my Tala!

I’m so blissful Thank God! To see how it all started, please click here.

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