Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Everyday, God is giving us a gift of 86,400 seconds. And everyday is an amazing day. For the air that we breathe, the tree that gives us shade, the bus driver that greeted us “good morning”, the sun the shines after the storm, the smiles of our kids. True, countless are the ways to give thanks and if the only prayer that you say this morning is “thank you”, for God, that is enough. So from this day on, I will stop worrying and start counting the things that God gave me to be happy. Here’s my first top ten. 

  1. Stanley for being more of a real father to my kids and for being patient with me, 
  2. My beautiful daughters,
  3. My son for calling me Mamee non-stop,
  4. My Uncle-slash-carpenter for making our new cabinets,
  5.  My brother for always rushing at my side seconds after I texted him,
  6. Our yaya, for being the best ever yaya in the world that I’m starting to call her Nanay,
  7. My sister for taking care of our dad when I’m out working,
  8.  My old maids Godmother and Auntie for always finding time to visit me and my kids,
  9.  My dad, for being there no matter what,
  10.  And lastly, I thank God that there’s “Me” to look after these people who I loved most.

Click here on how it all started. Happiness everyone!

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