Friday, October 28, 2011

Helenia's 7th Birthday


My daughter Helenia's 7th Birthday was celebrated with a blessing. It rained hard. But believe me, I never saw any disappointment coming from my Helenia. She's still as funny and lively as ever. She's very cooperative, she entertained guests and always posing for a camera shot. And the happiest person was me. I'm so proud. Proud that I know I raised a good kid. I'm confident that she'll go places.

With her cake. The cupcakes were ready made bought in packs while the cupcake stand was made by yours truly :)

Caught her licking one of the cupcakes!

and eating the one she licked.

My Family

With cousin during wacky shot. I love this blurry pic :)

and gifts!

her guests checking out the giveaways.

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