Wednesday, November 12, 2008

to blog is to earn

I never thought that I will get serious on this blogging stuff. I usually blog just for social networking. Some sites include Friendster, Myspace, Multiply and lot more which I had created an account to few of them. But since I am quite busy due to work and family matters, I only maintained one account, which is Friendster. From setting up of backgrounds to colorful widgets, I had been able to create some nice profile layouts for some of my friends. However, since I've been doing this kind of blogging stuff almost everyday, how about I try to earn money from this?

We can never imagine how popular blogging has become. Everyday, thousands and thousand of blogs have been created. Many blog for just plain hobby, others do this for advertising a certain product. While some just to express their own thoughts and feelings, many of us blog for the purpose of earning money. But earning money through blogging doesn't happen overnight. For us to earn a little, we need to work harder, exert a lot of efforts, and blog regularly. We need to create a lot of articles about almost everything and anything under the sun. We can get a lot of adsense codes from the articles we have. More articles, more adsense codes. Then our adsense code will get the possibility of being clicked through more traffic that we will be getting. Once people click on the ads of their interest, then we will be earning money.

On driving traffic to our sites, we need to participate in some forums or commenting on works of other bloggers. This will also help us in advertising our blog, aside from the fact that we will also be gaining popularity and friends. Also, we need to submit articles to as many directories or classifieds as we can.

But as I mentioned earlier, earning money does not happen overnight. Actually, I hadn't earn anything yet. However, patience and hard work really is the key to whatever task that we are doing. If you think that you had worked hard enough, think again, maybe you need to add more efforts or take more risks. Who knows, someday we'll be earning big time.

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