Wednesday, November 5, 2008

bingo for balaytigue 2008

Bingo is significant from so many forms of gambling because of its role in fundraising and its support to charitable organizations. It has become reliable and has helped Punta Fuego in its drive for more books for Balaytigue Elementary School.

Punta Fuego Village Foundation, Inc. do well because the event was sponsored by the Homeowners' Association and local partners who donated prizes to be won. The advertisements for the event also generate exitement thus everyone liked the opportunity of winning something.

Not only is fundraising using bingo a profitable activity, but it is also easy to organize and set up. Here are the list of equipments and materials that we used:
  • Game cards. These are made of paper and have pre-printed numbers on them. There are some companies that do the printing. They are cheap to buy and are disposed of after the event.
  • The Bingo Balls. These can be real balls numbered from 1-75.
  • The Bingo Cage and Blower. A more professional event will have a cage into which the balls are placed to be randomised. The most expensive equipment has a blower, that blows the balls into the air, thus randomising their order.
  • Electronic Equipment. In this computer age, electronic equipment for a professional set up is not that expensive to acquire. Electronic equipment will typically provide a stream of randomly generated numbers, and display these numbers on a lightboard so that players can see all the numbers that have already been called.

Punta Fuego charity bingo night was easy and successful n terms of the number of people who was able to run it. Please let me acknowledge all of them:

  • the persons who sold the tickets and collected the money- Tickets were presold 2 weeks before the event. KC, Janice & Leah helped a lot on selling the tickets. Ms. Eliza had alloted most of her time in dealing with the printing company and in soliciting prizes from donors.
  • the Punta Fuego Homeowners Assn., Inc Women's Committee-for the initiative
  • the Punta Fuego Homeowners, Lotowners, & Members - for most of the prizes donated
  • the bingo caller-although he sounded crap & cheesy
  • and the people who checked the winning claims-Mrs. Campbell & Mrs. Henson who acted as "runners and spotters" ;D
We made our bingo night more lucrative, by selling refreshments through the effort of one of our partners, Club Punta Fuego, Inc. People were eager for a glass of iced tea and some delicious burgers and fries that went along with their gaming conversation and this happened to be a great way that pad your fundraising profits.

ladies committee chairman - Mrs. Henson

the staff who helped a lot.

some prizes at stake

few donors who showed so much support

players get all exited, and serious hehe

the winner of trip to Vietnam - Engr. Bong Furagganan - pasalubong pleaseeee

KC having herself pictured beside her newly won refrigerator

Hey, I won too!! can you imagine that!!!

"Bingo Can Be an Entertaining Way to Raise Money for Those In Need"

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