Friday, November 28, 2008

let's be thankful

For the past week, I had seen and joined so many Thanksgiving contests in the net that I need to pause for a while and think of the things that myself should be thankful for.

But first I’d like to share a story that happened two weeks ago when we attended the 59th birthday party of my dad’s best friend-Uncle Edgar Villanueva. I expected it to be a blast because a day before that party my mom told me that it was a pool party. But when we arrived at the venue around 7pm, we were surprised that barely 20 guests were there. Uncle Edgar said the party was supposed to be for the closest/bestest friends only and he had only one bestfriend-My dad.

So the party went on, lots of food were prepared, lots of drinks were served and guess what, despite of the fact that liquors now are a no-no for my grumpy old dad, yet he and Uncle Edgar got drunk.

Uncle Edgar: “Minsan lang ito”
Tintin: “I’ll be watching your every shot”.

Then all of a sudden, the celebrant together with my dad had a crying portion.

Tintin: “OK folks, your turning into dramatic actors, that’s enough! Tatay let’s go home”

But my dad’s reply for me had me speechless for a moment.

Tatay: “Anak, next year we’ll be getting our senior citizen’s cards! Let us enjoy our time together, we only have a few years to live! Life now is short! Whether we like it or not, malapit na kami matigok”.

Now, not to diminish those thoughts or anything, but I thought I should like to present a list of things I'm thankful for that you might think is not normal ;-).

Feel free to add to the list in the comments should you feel the need.

Things I'm thankful for:

1. Sanitary napkins & Toilet paper (can’t imagine how my lola was able to live with pasador)

2. Seatbelts

3. Pets - dogs, cats, chickens, ducks & goats for that matter (they bring a smile to my kids’ faces like no other)

4. French Fries (they're quick and easy and taste pretty good)

5. Zippers (they’re keeping my messy things unnoticed inside my bag)

6. My refrigerator & microwave oven (always ready when hunger stikes in the middle of the night)

7. Wind Chimes (I like the sound when you flick them, making me sleepy in the afternoon)

8. My laptop & internet (for obvious reasons)

9. Videoke (it’s making my mom stay at home hehe)

10. Other fat people (its nice to know I’m not alone)

11. My kids’ Tutor (for being patient with my kids)
12. Movies!! (I’m an addict)

13. Counter Strike – (for releasing my stress)

14. KFC hot & crispy (yummy!! Ang gravy ginawang sabaw!!)
15. Music

16. Roof over my head (my new house!! Yipeee)

17. good friends that make me laugh and let me cry every now & then
18. good health – panahon ng krisis bawal magkasakit

19. Brother & Sister –(for strengthening my patience, lols, they made my childhood so much fun)

20. PARENTS (reasons I’m thankful that I’m alive!! Hey Pop, your still the handsomest, macho dad that I ever had, (though your so grumpy most of the time)so don’t hurry meeting San Pedro ok, You won't be kicking the bucket any time soon..I ‘ll be entrusting you my grandkids ...Give yourself a little more credit than that! Hey mama, we’re having a videoke marathon tomorrow so save your lungs, stop yelling at your grandkids!!)

21. MY KIDS (reasons I’m thankful that I can give life, and for the unconditional love they’re giving me, I maybe a dumb ass wife, but I bet I’m the world’s best mom!)

22. and lastly OUR HEAVENLY FATHER – for giving me all the things I am thankful for…All praises I’m giving back to you.

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