Thursday, November 27, 2008

my baby no more

I was fixing Mikaela's things at my ninang's house last friday. She's been staying there of more than 2 months now since the start of the house construction ( a week more and we off to our new house yipee!!).

I was about to pick up the books when I glanced into something colorful, shimmery, pink. A little notebook.. more of half the size of the standard notebook that I used in my high school days. On the cover of the pink glittery notebook said "My Diary". I was so "Gosh may diary na ang anak ko??" And what do you expect that a typical compulsive-possesive-mother that I am will do? Of course I read it!

I cant believe that Mikaela is maintaining a diary for a about a year! I was more like of a journal of every occassions that passed, her birthday, everybody's birthday, family outings like swimming, dining out, out of town travel, and even the times when we had misunderstandings. But what surprised me is her note dated Nov. 15, 2008 - her first communion. Here let me share a few lines:

Dear Diary,

Today is my favorite day because it is my first communion. My mommy and my sister Tala accompanied me to the church. Today also I got to see my crush at the church. Ninang said crush is only paghanga. He is my crush because he is intelligent and he is our first honor in class....

Huwaaattt???? Mikaela had a crush?????? What am I gonna do??

I think I need professional help or I'm going crazy!!!


Dinah said...

goodluck! i am sure you will do the right thing. tsaka, paghanga lang naman pala e :-)

will dread the day Drexelle will bring home girls to introduce to mommy :-)

Jes said...

hi! thanks for visiting my site! =)
cool ka lang, pinagdaanan na natin yan ahahhah and she said nga "crush is only paghanga" so what to worry about? =) hehehe =)

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