Friday, November 14, 2008

dental braces, anyone

When I was a kid, one uncle of mine told my father that I should have been given dental braces. We all know that dental braces during that time was a sign of wealth here in the Philippines. So my crooked teeth went untreated. But due to the increasing numbers of competent dentists nowadays, the traditional braces now only costs around P35K (I got mine at P30k and it's on installment basis!). There are also corrective plastic braces which are not needed to be worn all the time, but these are quite expensive than the traditional ones.

Before making the decision of getting braces, there are some useful information that we should know first.

There are 3 types of dental braces: the traditional one which is the standard braces with the changeable rubber bands, the plastic braces which are larger than the metal ones, and the invisible braces that goes behind the teeth. Whichever type of dental braces that you wished to have, there is one thing that you should have been prepared: braces hurts so much for a very long time! The pain is so severe that I even took some paracetamols in the first few weeks when I got my braces.

But after an average of 2-3 years of treatment, imagine being able to smile and show off your new perfect set of teeth... And imagine also experiencing the pain of having braces.. that's priceless!! Well, all is well that ends well, so better start your plan of getting those braces.

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