Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Watery Wednesday #1

Taken a few weeks ago when were went out for family bonding at Punta Fuego. I told him not to go down because the rocks were slippery and the waves might got him but he was just so stubborn! Maybe that's the character my youngest daughter got from him. I was shouting at the top of the cliff and he just didn't care that he continued going down.  So I stopped shouting and just took pictures. Anyways, the picture came out nice. When he got back, I gave him a pinch and a kiss.

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Martha Z said...

Beautiful spot. No point in arguing with a man, they'll do what they want.

Dinah said...

haha, buti na lang maganda yung pics :-)

Jan n Jer said...

Gorgeous place. He is pretty far down, It would make me nervous too!

kimmy said...

wow! nice photos.. thanks for sharing!

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