Monday, November 8, 2010

My Son's First Haircut

Yesterday my 1 year-old son had his first haircut. This is my first time to bring a child in a salon for a first hair cut because I used to cut my children’s hairs when they were babies. There are no kid’s cutting salons at our place so I just took him to Reyes haircutters. The girl at the counter said they are giving free services to babies who will have first haircuts with them. A week ago I tried to cut my son’s hair because I got impatient when people often mistook him as a girl telling me “Wow you had a girl again!” and me saying “Oh no, it’s a boy!” Anyways, when we arrived at the salon, the staff gets excited upon seeing my son. They quickly offered a baby high chair but my boy started to cry when I put him down. The staff that was assigned to us suggested that I should sit my son on my lap. Wrapping him in a towel to keep the hair from falling on him was impossible because he started swinging them.  The staff tested to trim the hair on the side and saved the piece of hair to go to my son’s baby book. The staff had another cutting done when my son got fidgety. Bringing his sisters at the salon did not hypnotize him at all. Even the toys and the camera flash did no good.  He started to cry, and scratch, and bite and push. Thank goodness the staff was very cautious, careful, and patient. But after the trim-cry-stop-trim, were done with my son’s first haircut. The service was free, but I still gave a 50 pesos tip to the staff. My son was given a certificate and free haircut for one whole year. When we got home, I was surprised to see my pouch full of hairs. I didn’t notice my eldest daughter kept my son’s entire cut hairs and put them in my pouch. Here are the pictures. Isn’t my son adorable?

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