Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Making Tutu Skirts!

Lately, I’d been wanting to make a tutu for my 6-year old daughter. She had seen some tutus from the malls and she’s always begging me to make a pink tutu for her. I even imagined her dancing around in her fluffy tutu. Since I had a friend who makes tutus, I had learned the basics that I wanted even more to make many, many tutus. So yesterday was may day-off from work, I ran to a store that sells supplies and I was so surprised that there’s no way that I can make a lot of tutu’s. The materials were so expensive! Maybe that’s why they tutus sell at a high price at the malls. I only have 500 pesos to spare and these were all I’ve got:

            6 yards tulle @ 70 pesos per yard          -           PhP   420.00
            1 yard elastic band (1/2 inch wide)                              10.00
            Pre made flower sequins                                             50.00
            Satin ribbon                                                               15.00
                                    Total                                     PhP     495.00

You’ll also need a pair of scissors, a needle and pink thread (to sew in the flower sequins), and a lot of patience.

To start, measure your little girl’s waist the add about 5 inches to allow you to adjust when your all done.

Cut strips of tulle about 2 inches wide and 24 inches long so when you fold it in half it hangs about 12 inches. If that’s too long for you, you can do all the trimming in the end.

Then take a strip of tulle, gather in the middle, and slip a knot over the piece of elastic. Fold the ends under the elastic and pull through the open loop.

 Slide all of the knots together, making more room for more tulle.
Then, add more tulle.

Once in a while, measure it against your little girl to make sure that the fit is right. 

Then add some embellishments like Satin Ribbons, Rhinestones, Puff Balls, or miniature Flowers. I sew some flower sequins to my little girl’s tutu.

 And now see the tutu. I finished making it at around 2:00 am and hung it at my daughter’s window so when she wakes up in the morning she’ll be surprised to see the tutu waiting to be worn. I’m thinking of saving my 13th month pay so I can make a lot of tutus that I can give as gifts or maybe sell online. 

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oh! that was so cute..

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