Friday, November 5, 2010

My daughter lost her first tooth today

This morning as I was preparing my 6 year old daughter Helenia for school, I noticed that one of her lower front teeth was missing. I asked her what happened and it was absurd that she didn’t have any idea at all. She didn’t know if she actually lost it by eating or she didn’t notice it fell out. I looked closely and though the hard part of the tooth was gone, there was a small bump and her gums were swelling. My daughter said it was not painful at all.  My aunt who lives abroad said they have this “tooth fairy” tradition where the loss of a baby tooth and the arrival of the Tooth Fairy is a much celebrated thing at their house. The kids then write a letter for the tooth fairy wishing for a gift to arrive and will be surprised to find out their wishes coming true under their pillows. Well, for us once we lost a tooth we just throw it out on the roof of the house asking for another tooth. But time just really flew; losing a baby tooth means my baby daughter is becoming a big girl. I learned from my dentist that baby teeth loosen up, their roots dissolved, as they cleared the way for the permanent teeth and the bottom two front teeth are the ones that usually go first. Moreover, it would take 4-6 months till the new ones erupt. But for now, I’ll just enjoy the moment, take pictures, and give hugs and kisses, because it will not be too long that I will not be the center of her attention anymore *sigh*.

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